Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let the Mascara Run - Vanity Fair - August 1985

Madonna Louise Ciccone (hallowed be her name).

More vamp than vampire, Madonna has been vilified in the rock press as if she were an invitation to a gang bang and a threat to the nation's morals. - James Wolcott

This has always been one of my favorite articles written on Madonna and it was the first of hers in Vanity Fair in August 1985. The photograph is taken by Bert Stern, responsible for Marilyn Monroe's Last Sitting. Look at her natural beauty - because that's how Bert wanted you to see it, just like his take on Monroe. You can see the moles and peach fuzz on her face, even a little pimple and the natural wrinkles in the neck that occur when one turns their head - all today that would be airbrushed out. Those gorgeous untouched eyebrows, her white nail polish and her beat up, over sized denim jacket. All fabulous. A Real Life Sex Symbol.

Let the mascara run.


  1. Once again, you pull the vintage legend making stuff out of the archive and draw our attention to its fabulousness once more or for the very 1st time x

  2. @IvorCiccone

    Couldn't agree more. PUD I have never seen this. I love reading about M from back in the begining. It's amazing what an impact she had on eveyone back then. Even TIME Magazine gave her a cover. This totaly reminds me of Lady Gaga and Britney when they started out.

    I always wondered where this photo was first used...and now I do! THANKS PUD!


  3. Pud you don't mind how i love to have reviews of all eras!! not only from now, that's so good!!!!!

  4. This is a stunning photograph,of a natural pulsating creature.Today you don't see these kind of pictures anymore.Everything is airbrushed to death.

  5. I love that pic ! Too bad even today Madonna pics are way too airbrushed that sometimes she looks like a doll.

  6. Holy Shit. I thought I had every major magazine article from the virgin era. I never even knew about this article. THANK YOU PUD! The first time I knew about Vanity Fair was when they did the "new Madonna" cover.