Wednesday, May 20, 2009

madonna - sticky and sweet dvd full !!! ~vogue...

watch the rest here at Hard Candy Music:


  1. If this is real, I'm royally pissed. Her voice has been fixed, and there are obvious uses of AutoTune in the first video. It makes M look like she's lip synching!!

    What a shame! =(

  2. Opposite of Justin I like these previews. They're more classic concert registration than her Confessions dvd, which was way too much edited in my opinion.Too many cuts on that one, while this one is easier on the eyes.

    But ofcourse her voice is fixed. Her voice always gets fixed and that's a good thing. Her real concert voice doesn't sell on dvd ;)

  3. I agree, but c'mon! You can actually notice the auto tune durring Candy Shop! It's awful!!