Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hey Hey Hey Hey - Long Stemmed Roses Are The Way to Your Heart, But...


  1. I love this "play by play" photo! If you went to Blond Ambition, let's do a "Where Were You" type of thing. I was in Houston for the May 4th and 5th show. I had only seen her once before at the WTG Tour in 87. I was excited for this show. I had decent seats for the first night (the venue was quite small thankfully) and I had floor seats for the second night but they were not the best. I was an inexperienced 19 year old concert goer at the time. Of course the show was AMAZING! Never doubted her!

    Anyone else?

  2. i went every night at the sports arena here in los angeles. its funny, of all the tours (girlie show being the only one i havent seen live), this is the one i have least memory of of attending and i went 5 nights! i remember the enormous billboards hanging around the sports arena, i wanted them so bad - they were the pics from the tour book.

  3. YOU SAW VIRGIN TOUR? I am the most jealous RIGHT THIS MOMENT!!!! I have seen all her tours except this one. I was in junior high and failed a six weeks exam. My sister and her husband got us tickets for the concert but my mom did not allow me to go because I failed the exams. I am still bitter about this 24 years later. I love my mother dearly but she is NOT forgiven. SO...I know this is a BA post but TELL ME about the Virgin Tour!

  4. the virgin tour was everything!!! it still ranks my favorite. i dont know if because its the first or what, but nothing touches that, except maybe the whos that girl.

    hahha at your mother not being forgiven!!!

  5. Virgin is my favorite too. And I go back and forth between BA and RIT. I was in the pit for RIT and the experience was like no other. Also, that was a very interesting time in my life and I just can't compare it to anything else. Plus, CRAZY FOR YOU (that was Madonna telling me "it's ok...I'll show that mom of yours!) So much love on that tour! Virgin is what it is for so many I think because of that time frame. I say that now because I have a fixation on the early period right now. Virgin was so simple and not a whole lot of props or moving stages (actually, there was none) but her singing and dancing wad the highlight of each song. She was playful and 84-85 was HER TIME! SO, rank your favorite tours in order of your love for them. Mine changes from time to time but right now, here it is.

    1. RIT 2004
    2. Virgin 1985
    3. Confessions 2006
    4. Sticky & Sweet 2008
    5. Blond Ambition 1990
    6. Girlie 1993
    7. Drowned World 2001
    8. WTG 1987

    Did I get them all?