Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jellybean - Wotupski Record - 1984! This is the Real Deal for the Real Fans, not this new breed of nit-pick'n fuck twats.


Fantastique on every level. I've had this album since the day it was released in 1984. SIDEWALK TALK BABY!!!

On the inner sleeve of The Record, I've highlighted all the people that worked with Madonna and was in her circle back then. Nile Rodgers playing guitar here on "Was Dog a Doughnut" - he and Madonna were still working on Virgin at the time, Shep Pettibone is thanked as is Paul Oakenfold. Fred Zarr and Michael Hutchinson are from the first album.

Martin Burgoyne designed this record art. Stephen Bray is all up and through - and for those of you FREAK'N out over the liner notes being fuck'd up on Celebration - his name is misspelled on the same page! To this new breed of chronic complainers - get a fuck'n grip - you were poop'n in your diapers - when THE REAL DEAL was happening. If you can't take it then or now, go to your P. Abdul as you did then or to your Joanne today. But not here dear, is that clear dear?

Ok, back to the REAL DEAL. Danceteria, Mark Kamins, Erica Bell, Bags, Seymour Stein, Mark Bego (Madonna Bio) - everyone from the early days is here.

Madonna signed her Virgin album to Jellybean with Goo Goo Ga Ga and Jellybean did it here with Goo Goo Gaa Gaa to her.

IT'S A CELEBRATION!!! always. Enjoy. xo


  1. the complaining IS getting to be a bit much...they're just typos for Lourdes sake!

  2. So correct at all times! I always thought "sidewalk talk" should have been given a proper single release as it was played constantly on pop radio back in 85.