Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Got it! Did you?


  1. SURE DID! You know, I am impressed with the CD! I thought it was remastered well and there seem to be some thought in the song order...I could be wrong but it felt like that. Because this is Madonna's last release with Warner Bros. it got me thinking...do you think Warner Bros. will be releasing compilations every year? I can see it now...Madonna:The Essential Collection, Madonna:The Ultimate Collection, Madonna:The Ultimate Collection Vol II, Madonna:The Ultimate Collection Vol III, Madonna:The Ultimate Collection Box Set...seriously, it could go on. If they do, I can't imagine it would be anything fans want. I think they did a horrible job on her releases for 26 years, I can't imagine they would roll out the red carpet now. Any thoughts?

  2. well, im very impressed with this compilation, too. i think its very well thought out from the track listing, to the versions to the glorious artwork - her best since the 80's. funny enough, i guess my only complaint is that 4 minutes is just a little too short.

    'The Immaculate' was a disaster with a few gems - 'Vogue' was great on that one. however, i played that out for a good year before i started picking it apart and thinking, 'hmmm, this could have been better'. i remember thinking how they removed the soul and passion from La Isla...

    GHV2 was just whatever - it was just nothing new for 'the fans'. Good for the casual Madonna fan, though.

    "Something to Remember" was great because it was the real album versions, save 'love dont live here anymore' but it worked and it was good. even though, at that time, it was not my favorite period of hers.

    if Warner wants to release billions of collections, go ahead, just stick in UNRELEASED TRACKS!!! HA! if so, ill get it.

    also, i love 'You Can Dance' and even 'Remixed & Revisted'! i know, a lot people hate that one. i love 'Your Honesty' and that the mixes and the Live version of the 2003 MTV awards performance.

    im not a Warner hater, at all. they have gotten Madonna's last 4 albums Number One simultaneously internationally in 43 countries and shyt!! 20+ years into an artists career. thats unheard of. theyve done a good job with Madonna. i know im alone in this thinking.

    ive heard rumors that with Live Nation, Warner may be the distributors of the albums. i hope so. i really do. they get the job done properly, as far as im concerned. xo

  3. I guess Warner does their basic minimum of the job. Sometimes, I think promotion can be better. Like I said, I don't know how much involvement she has in picking the singles, releases, promotion, etc. I imagine with Live Nation, her involvement will be much bigger. I am grateful for many things. She has done some special things she didn't do in the 80's or early 90's. She did a secret concert in NYC for ROL, she started the promo tours beginning with Music, CD signings with Music and American Life, TV interviews got more frequent. I don't know if that was management or record company. I can't remember why Freddy left. At any rate, I am grateful. I see how it is these days with albums being pushed back and not done at all and I'm glad she is not a new artist. I just think that this was Warners chance to shine on their last product with Madonna on board. A box set, would it have killed them to include a few more videos, etc. I guess there will always be complaints. I keep thinking of that Britney singles collections being released. All her singles with new b-sides or unreleased tracks, and commentary from her on each song. I'm not comparing the two but how nice would that be from Madonna? Oh well, no one will ever be completely happy. I am graetful - I guess this is where I shut the fuck up, huh? HA HA! Thanks for your posts!

  4. haha!! that would be great from madonna but like bjorkle, if she does all that - then what are we left with? a britney bjorkle. no thanks.

    never forget, buster, that in this day and age of a record industry that will for sure be dead in 5 years, warner has gotten her last 4 albums number one INTERNATIONALLY. so, in essence, their promotion is obviously spot on. what more can they do?


    AHHAHAH. xo

  5. HA HA...I love it! I just realized that you brought up her chart success twice in 2 of your posts. I don't follow her chart success. I think it's great and all however I don't wait for those results to come out. I couldn't name her number 1 singles to you let alone her top 10 or anything. I guess I couldn't tell you what role Warner played in that. I'm more concerned with the product and the promotion. I don't think its the charts that kept Madonna around this long. Remember how ugly people got towards her from Erotica and most of the 90's until Ray of Light. If Warner is responsible to getting people to like her again and make her albums #1 then great. I didn't realize that. It's true - the industry will be dead and I am sure she will survive yet again with Live Nation. Who knows what that will look like! Thank you for your perspective!

  6. for me, it all started in 1983 and its come full circle in 2009. and its just been sooooooooooooooooooooo great. from the first album through the virgin tour - to true blue and the wtg tour, johnny carson!!! - to like a prayer and blond ambition - arsenio!!!....truth or dare!!! justify my love, the sex book, yes - even evita - ray of light, music the drowned world tour!!!! american life, confessions, hard candy!!!! confessions tour!!!!! sticky and sweet!!!! and so much more!!!! theres just SO MUCH!!! wow - im just so happy with all this.

    the cd is awesome. the dvd is wonderful - TRUE BLUE!!!!. the art work is fantastic and all up in my face in los angeles. its just been a really great ride being a madonna fan and im so pleased with the way she and warner wrapped it up.

  7. WELL SAID! I am grateful for the ride. It was 1984 for me and you're right - we've been so fortunate.