Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vogue - The Cult of Madonna and Queers and Her Importance within the Homosexual Community

Before Madonna smashed the doors in and Ellen came out on National Television and before The Will & Grace Generation of Clone War Gays, there was Our Lady of Madonna - fighting for Queers. The Real Queers.

From Her First Interviews mentioning Christopher Flynn in 1984 to Martin Burgoyne - her best buddy, one time manager and album art designer - to Truth or Dare where, unlike other Gay Icons of Past, Madonna put our lifestyle in the forefront and not just as background solid gold dancers.

As we all know, the world wants Madonna's approval and there She was for us, innately. With Vogue, She introduced Middle America to Fags as eccentric, wonderful, creative human beings. Unfortunately, the Queers who moved to the big cities to preserve their personal individualism that made them want to flee in the first place became complacent and gave up what was inherently theirs. They dropped the ball thinking the fight was over. It's not. For me, anyway. Society can still bite me.

There were those certain Madonna fans appalled by the faggots of Truth or Dare. The Ray of Lighters. You yourself can walk down the streets of Chelsea, West Hollywood and the Castro today and see just how nothing they are. They are the "Starbucks" in place of the "Love Will Save the Day"s.

There have been few, in and out of the community, that have accused Madonna of 'stealing' from what was 'ours'. Madonna is a fag and always has been. For those who thought she stole, I can assure you, it wasn't from your lousy boring mortal souls.


  1. Fabulous. Thank You. Queer & Proud here x

  2. this was wonderful, thank you. to date, vogue remains the best thing madge has ever done imo.

  3. "madge"? no self respecting madonna fan ever uses that word!