Friday, October 16, 2009

Madonna/Madonna - The year was 1983....

It all began in October 1983 when my sister, 7 years older, brought home THIS VERY CASSETTE. I was 13. I still have it.


  1. This is amazing. For me it started pretty much the same way, only later on her career. My sister, 5 years older, was recording the Blond Ambition Tour live from Barcelona broadcast on vhs. She was a big fan so I stood there watching it with her. I was 9 years old and from that moment on I was hooked, that was just like seeing a living and breathing super hero. Wonder woman if you will.

    Check out my blog cause I often post Madonna stuff. I started a section called "I Have a Madonna Complex" because I just know the blog will be invaded with Madonna posts. It just has too. :)

  2. Yeah, me too. Though I first heard her on the radio, in my mom's car. They were playing "Holiday," and I thought, "Who is this new black singer? I love her sound!" When I heard she was a white girl, I didn't believe it. And then I saw that album cover, and that was IT!

  3. I still have the cassette as well, and even now, when I play these cd's or have iTunes on, I still know at what point I had to take the cassette out to play the other side:)

    That's right, I didn't own one of those fancy cassetteplayers that could play both sides without taking the cassette out;)

  4. of course - it was the beginning of life!!!!