Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Camille Paglia's current Madonna Musing

And now Madonna is trying to resuscitate herself, body and mind, by taking transfusions from Brazil! The poverty-ridden favelas of Rio de Janeiro are her latest charity -- presumably because dusty, distant Malawi is too bare of the hordes of paparazzi required to record the latest feats of Our Lady Bountiful. How convenient that the best hotels of Ipanema are only minutes away from the Rio slums! Oh, that girl -- always thinking, ain't she?

Is it true, according to press rumors, that Madonna is vacationing with her boy toy Jesus Luz in a house in Bahia in the far northeast of Brazil? And that she is contemplating buying a house there? Is she planning to take tutorials from the queen of axe, Salvador da Bahia's very own superstar, Daniela Mercury? Well, it's kind of what I had in mind in my epic Salon column last year negatively comparing Madonna to Daniela. As a teacher, I will certainly take credit for this leap forward, if it occurs, in Madonna's much-delayed self-education.

Daniela herself has had a hectic few months, touring Brazil, Portugal and Argentina for her new album, "Canibalia." Last week she was the finale of the Latin Grammys in Las Vegas, which were broadcast by Univision and pulled the largest TV audience in the history of that event. Here are some sexy visuals: Daniela in a fabulous, textured, bronze suit with see-through netting before an industry dinner; in her black lace and black leather gauntlets stage costume in the press room; and (in a truncated video) energetically performing with her red-clad troupe of Bahian dancers onstage. Vive Brazil!

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  1. Here is an interesting article on why Camille may have turned on Madonna. No word on why she is such an unfunny cunt, though.

  2. Camille was always a bitch on her comments about Madonna.

  3. yeah, theres always been this weird dynamic. thanks for the link justin. xo

  4. Thanks for the link, Justin.
    I think the last paragraph really hit the nail on the head:
    "In fact, she's doing what they liked her for in the first place - going her own way, fighting her own fight, mores be damned. Trouble is, it's their mores she's breaking, and they don't like it one little bit."