Friday, November 13, 2009

How and why do they compare this hideous sexless Joanne 'Lady Gaga' to the magnificent sexually Potent Madonna?

^Madonna - Spin Magazine 1985

I've had enough of these awful comparisons. I must speak.

Before we even saw Madonna, she was sex. A song beckoning people to the dance floor, Everybody and even Holiday with all her oooh yeah's sounded like a Dirty Blue Movie. Madonna's voice, energy, face, body, movement - all sex.

It's appalling to even compare the two.

Sorry Joanne. You can spread your vagina lips from coast to coast, LA to Chicago, and it will still be the exact opposite of sex.

So all you Homo-Gagas can glow on, but I'll stick to my chick. cheers.


  1. I an extent. I won't compare the two however I have to admit, Lady Gaga is bringing some excitement back into the pop world. She is a show-woman. I am so bored with Shakira and Britney and the direction of pop music. Lady Gaga's new video for Bad Romance is so creative. She danced a bit like Madonna, at times she does some crazy stuff like Bjork and when she plays the piano, she reminds me of Tori Amos. I don't think there is a need to compare. Madonna IS the queen! ALWAYS! But it's nice to see an artist step up her game! I don't think its fair to post a quote of Madonna's from 24 years ago. She probably doesn't even remember saying it and chances are, she has a different view today. Why does there have to be a battle? It always happens when new artists come out. There's no need...we live in a world where we can enjoy Madonna and Lady Gaga. I blame the gays! They love the DRAMA and so they create it. Although I am one of the gays, I prefer to ignore the drama and enjoy the MUSIC!

  2. She's not like Madonna in a lot of ways. In a few she is. She'll never top Madonna, it's impossible. But I do like her, even though it will always be less than M. You can like lots of people, and Madonna herself likes Gaga! Also, her first name's Stefani, Joanne's her middle name, like Louise is M's.

  3. all im talking about is 'the constant comparison'. there is none. if choreography wasnt a part of being a 'pop star' this one wouldnt dance. and shouldnt. it has the grace of a hippopotamus.

    but anyway, i was talking about the sex of the voice and being - void of image. madonna is sex (hence the quote), this one wears it because its expected of the blueprint.

    LALALALALALALLALALALLAAPOKAHFACE. its been one very long song.

    im 39, not chasing the next hot pop star and couldnt care less if it wasnt stuffed in my face by fellow madonna 'fans'. not my cup. madonna was always an exception for me. shes a composite of all the great stars. madonna has been legendary since the gate.

    "gaga" (oh, even typing that name) is cool for her audience. glow on JOANNE!!!

  4. I find the fact that we are having this conversation quite funny. Regular fans of mainstream music might compare her to Madonna for obvious reason (blond hair, bustiers, dancing, pop music, etc). I am not sure any DIE HARD Madonna fans have compared her. Madonna certainly paved the way for artists like Gaga to do what they do. There is a heavy Madonna it or not. If you are only talking about sexual presence, you are only talking about Madonna and Gaga in a one percent mentality. That's not all they are. And by the way, the sex factor gets old after a while. Did the artist have anything to say? Once again, Madonna is and always will be THE QUEEN! But I find it funny you will make fun of Pokerface and its lyrics when Madonna has given us such work as Its So Cool (outdated 90's circuit party music), Don't Stop ("sing la de da de"), Revolver (Britney might as well have sang it), and Hey You (don't get me started). I love Madonna but I am also objective about her work. So, Gaga doesn't dance like Madonna...that's good. I love that Gaga can put a production together but also sit at a piano and sing a reworked version of one of her songs. And I mean SING it! It's not fair to compare them. Madonna has 27 years of making history...still doing it. Gaga has one album. She's a baby. Will she last? I don't know. I would like to think she would and that she would evolve. Listen, if Britney can lip sync every concert and still be popular after her break down, then anything is possible.

    Who cares if they compare them? Madonna set the standard! That's enough for me!

  5. I wouldn't call myself a Gaga fan... to me, she's yet to truly prove herself musically, but there's potential.

    But to call her unsexy is missing the point - because she's not TRYING to portray herself in the same way as Madonna when she started out. She's aiming for something more subversive than traditionally sexy - closer to the cone bra and ponytail than Like a Virgin.

    The proof is in the fact that prior to taking up the name/image of Lady Gaga, she was VERY traditionally beautiful (this comment system won't let me paste URLs; look up her real name "Stefani Germanotta", and any image of her as a brunette should prove that).

    She's rather be weird than sexy, and that's okay with me. The Madonna comparisons only irritate me when people suggest she's her MUSICAL equal (The Fame has very little on Madonna's debut, but give her time to develop and we might see).

  6. as proven by our own Buster, we have a joanne fan in the house. Haha!!! xo

    dont stop doing what youre doing, jonanne, dont stop, keep movin', keep groovin'. KEEP ON'


  7. oh richaod - youre a Libra - so you got One Point for fortune has favored you by designing your birth while the sun was in Libra.

    but...she will always be Joanne, to me.

  8. I am a Gaga fan! I refuse to be THAT Madonna fan that sees nothing else but her. I will defend Madonna more often than not. I am a die hard Madonna fan. I became a fan in 1984, collected every 7", 12", magazine, poster (you get the point). I have seen all of her tours for a total of 15 shows, I attended the premiere and the screening of Evita (ICON contest and I sat 7 rows behind her, Carlos, and her clan). I had a close encounter with her in NYC in 1993 as she left China Grill. I was in the pit for the RIT show in San Jose. I AM A FAN! Madonna is not even on my lists of favorite artists as she is on a list all her own. But God forbid as a Madonna fan, I enjoy the music and talents of other artists. For some reason, some Madonna fans always have to be bitchy about other happened with Whitney, Mariah, Janet, and even Britney. I will also mention that the die hard fans of those artists contribute to the bitching. Something about being queers! It's silly but people are saying the same things about Lady Gaga that they said about Madonna throughout her career. Dismissing her for being a one note artist, etc. People wrote extensive articles about her. You don't have to like Gaga but you took the time to post this on a blog. She must have hit a nerve. As Madonna said in 1993, "If I'm not that talented and if I am so boring, then why write about it?"

  9. I'm actually a Leo, like Ms. Ciccone herself, though you'll have to tell me what that says about me...

  10. gaga will fade away soon... so there's no point in even mentioning her in a comparison with someone so unique as madonna (no matter how much gaga struggles to become an icon...)

  11. buster, i dont know what youre on about but did you read my post? its about having other madonna fans shoving her down my throat. i didnt say the girl isnt talented. i didnt say she will fade away and radiate, i didnt say anything that youre addressing.

    all im saying is there is no comparison with these broads.

    enjoy joanne all you want. xo

  12. totally on the same page with what richaod said.

    for those who feel gaga isn't exciting, just take a look at this thread itself. none of the other the other threads have gotten anywhere near as many comments as this: 14 and counting. ;-)

    gaga and madonna have similar ambitions (madonna wanted to rule the world and she accomplished it, gaga seems to want to do something similar)---but ***the way they do it*** is completely different. furthermore, madonna already had her glory years...she's still going strong, but she's nowhere near as exciting or as controversial as she once was. someone else can have that hunger to do something to make us talk, and right now, it's gaga.

    all the more power to gaga i say. madge has been rather mediocre in her projects lately. fair enough. we all go through our creative dry spells. but gaga is feeling inspired right now, and her music/imagery reflects that as well.

  13. oh, and well put buster! (your last comment)

  14. as my grandmother used to always say, "there's an ass for every seat."

  15. Yes! I don't get Gaga and i keep trying but she is a tough pill to swallow. Even if you crushed her up and dissolved her in milk. I absolutely adore every Madge moment from beginning to the present. she is a true icon/sex goddess/innovator. idk about lady insane

  16. I agree with PUD! Lady Miss Kier 1990 Lady GAGA 2010 There is the comparison. NOT Madonna!

  17. while i find madonna's persona as fasinating as the next person, for me, it's about the music. i've yet to hear something from gaga that's great, whereas, if madonna's music had not stayed consistently good throughout the years i probably wouldn't be typing this today.

    i have nothing against Gaga personally.. but it's all momentary, contemporary gimmicks with her.. there's no lasting quality or substance behind what she's doing right now.. only a big fat expiration date lurking in the distance.
    i reckon her bag of tricks is running thin.