Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Very Very Happy Birthday to the Hideous, Suicidal, Drug Addicted Scorpio Joni Mitchell

Oh, I'm very calm. the way Vesuvius was calm just before it erupted and buried Pompeii.


Happy Birthday Joni!!! Not that it matters, I don't think she has 'a happy' anything. Bytch can't get through an interview without slinging shyt on Madonna. Joni, were not sorry that Warner paid more attention to her than you at their subsidiary Geffen, who by the way, asked Madonna to marry him on numerous occasions although he's a cocksucker. The fountain of trivia runneth over...


No, YOU need to GO BACK...don't put me in the we of your dreary thought process.


she was a little kinder in 1988...

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