Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cheek Freaks


I'm so tired of hearing from Madonna 'Fans' about her cheeks. She looks gorgeous and fresh! She's always had that tiny dancer frame and coupled with all the years of working out, the woman probably has zero percent body fat. In the pictures above the photo taken at the Berlin Film Festival, I know that she looked great in person but anyone that has dabbled in photography knows, the camera is not kind to any imperfections, character or lines.

Since her star was born, people have combed over Madonna with a microscope searching for anything to tear her apart because they can't take it.

Madonna is and always has been a visual artist. I'm glad she did whatever it is that she did. She looks beyond fantastic and it just means we have many more years of Madonna doing her thing. As a longtime fan of hers, I would take her anyway she wanted to deliver - facial plumping or not. Shes still sockn' it and will continue to do so.

People better be happy that we still have her - there will never be another one like her in our lifetime. End.


  1. Double Amen & 3 Hail Marys.

    Unhappy people of Earth, enough already! 27 years of envy driven scrutiny is deplorable. Have you not yet heard her message? What else must she do for you to accept her authenticity? Be thankful you were alive during her time here. Like Pud Whacker said, "There will never be another one like her in our lifetime". Perhaps for a millennium or two.

  2. bravo!!! one day theyll be begging for more madonna. shyt, they do when shes still here - every year with 'a new madonna'. theres only one!

  3. Excellent post. I am so relieved someone was able to find a visual of what change had been done because I couldn't figure it out. However, I stand behind my opinion that she could have rocked those eyes and with the right haircut the wrinkles would have been nothin'. It's M - she could have done it and looked hot, hot, hot. I'm not saying it doesn't look good now, but I don't think it was necessary, that's all. I'm thinking like Patti Hansen.