Monday, January 11, 2010

Desperately Seeking Susan Flashback


Another day, another story. I was 14 and my mom (yes, her again, wasn't she great?) brought me to The Avenue of the Stars in Century City to see Madonna at her Desperately Seeking Susan Premiere. So, obviously, I was very excited and nervous. This was the first time I saw her in person! Anyway, it was 1985, my memory of this event is very vague because there was so much going on - total mayhem - it was the height of Madonna Mania - or so I thought. The Virgin Tour hadn't happened yet. That was the thing with Madonna - as soon as you thought she reached the top - she went further, eclipsing that Michael Jackson-type fame and left everyone eating her dust. All I remember was a Vision of White swooping by.


  1. Wuauuuuu... You are a very lucky boy!!

    Kiss from Rachel.
    spanish fan

  2. cheers!!! both maddy and cocamia. xo

  3. Very nice! A big hug to your Mom, my Mom also like Madonna !!!

  4. diverso, unfortunately my mom died in '03. yes, she loved madonna - always wanted to know what she was up to. she always loved her make-up. i remember vividly her and me watching the world premiere of Dress You Up on MTV and when Madonna finally got down the stairs and to the mic and they do a close up of her face, my mother said, "great make up". My mother was a make up junkie - false eyelashes and the whole nine yards. she used to paint that face on everyday - old Hollywood style. Haha!

  5. Love, love, and more love to Pud's beautiful mama!