Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The 'Like a Virgin' 45.

In April 1984, Madonna said on MTV that she had completed a new album. Plus, in Rolling Stone, they said, 'Borderline' vocalist Madonna has a second album, Like a Virgin, ready for release, but what's the rush? After more than forty weeks, the first album from the ex-Alvin Ailey dancer is still climbing the charts.

Being 13, I was totally clueless on how records were released. In America, it was every Tuesday, which I found out the hard way. I went to my local record store, Tempo Records, on my skateboard everyday (with bleached out hair and red lips) asking, "Do you have the new Madonna album yet?" From April on... That poor dude - I drove him crazy. Haha!

Anyway, one day he set me straight () and told me that albums are released every Tuesday and they have nothing on the roster yet, leave my phone number and he will let me know.

The wait was horrendous but I'm not of the mortal school that waiting makes it better. I had my LIVE version taped off the radio simulcast from the first MTV Music Awards that I listened to on my walkman a hundred times a day since September. Hence, why that is still my favorite version.

Here it is, the real deal (with a new b side - Stay!!!) purchased on its release date: November 06, 1984.


  1. Sweet times!!! I remember those days!

  2. :) great walk down memory lane man. good times

  3. I loved that story ! I'd really like to read more of those !! :)

  4. you're so lucky that you experienced Stay as a new B-side before the album was even released! Age has its virtue babe!