Wednesday, February 10, 2010



  1. The times when Madonna looked terrible like a slut-
    1. in videos like secret, bedtime stories, deeper and deeper, human nature and hollywood.
    2. Cover shoot for bedtime stories
    3. Drowned world tour
    4. Movies like FOUR ROOMS, SWEPT AWAY.

    Sometimes though not that ugly like the above occasions, Madonna looked very old or less attractive. For example, remember the videos of power of good bye, 4minutes, Hard candy album art etc.

    Do you agree with my opinion?

  2. I think 93 and 94 were the least glamorous years in Madonna's music career. But in other aspects like fashion and movies, her beauty was seducing. As she became the most fashionable artist in a poll by vh1 and got a highly sexy image through body of evidence.

  3. Madonna looked amazing at most of the Drowned World Tour stops, except for, of course, the show filmed for DVD. Terrible, uncombed hair.

  4. The first image is stunning! Keep doing what your doing! I check in with your blog constantly! I love it!!!!!!!

  5. I loved her trashy glam look during this era. Not crazy about the first photo, though, 'cause it smacks of Courtney Love, whom I do not care for.