Monday, February 1, 2010

25 years ago today - Madonna and Mary Lambert's 'Material Girl' Video


The perfect marriage of song and video was presented to the world with the premiere of Madonna and Mary Lambert's Material Girl, 25 years ago today. Nothing in the video world has ever come close - although all have tried. It's difficult to imagine one without the other.

This was Madonna's first foray into the back catalog of Hollywood, creating the 'New Movie Star'. A star that came into our living rooms and for four and half minutes, gave us glamour, beauty, attitude, pathos, story, drama, sex, comedy - and myth. All delivered with the perfect soundtrack sung by the actress herself. For Generation X, Madonna is the greatest actress that has ever lived.

She had already given superb performances in two previous Mary Lambert 'films', Borderline and Like a Virgin. Madonna was a silent film star to a new generation that was on par with Theda Bara, Clara Bow, Gloria Swanson and Pola Negri.

It is here with Material Girl, that Madonna truly solidified her status as The New Movie Star. In fact, she is a composite of all the great stars.

Without further ado, Material Girl.


  1. Beautifully Written!!! Happy Material Girl Anniversary!

  2. 25 years ago? Wow, I feel old. I still remember running out to get this 12". I still love that original extended dance remix. Pure 80's goodness.

  3. I love this video and she looks amazing in it. Mary Lambert is a Queen! Love, 'Pet Semetary' and yes, have to say, I also enjoy her music video that she shot for Janet Jackson, 'Nasty'. Sorry, Pud. haha. :p

  4. Oh and how amazing does this video in particular look on the, 'Celebration', DVD set? The red just POPS and the sound is amazing!

  5. everyone so fantastic. xo

    tony - i love mary. best madonna director ever. truly responsible for laying the first bricks in the foundation however i must say, shes like von sternberg with dietrich. her best work has been with madonna.

  6. Of course! All she had to do was shoot 'that face'.

  7. Very beautifully written.

    "Madonna was a silent film star to a new generation..."

    I'd never thought of it that way, but how true!

  8. She truly was and I wonder if that planted a little seed in us? like we got sooooooo involved with silent film stars at such a young age, you know?

  9. You may be right, Pud. It's all her fault, hahaha! ;-)

    from Betty (formerly VintageVamp)