Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cherish At Land

In 1944, dancer, photographer, poet, artist, daughter of psychiatrist, self promoter, and film maker Maya Deren (born Eleanora Derenkowsky) made her second film, At Land.  I believe the first minute of her 15 minute experimental surrealist film, about preserving ones self identity, influenced Madonna and Herb Ritts for Cherish.

The parallels between Maya and Madonna are interesting for the cerebral Madonna fan and it's not a far stretch to see why Madonna was attracted to this defiant spirit and her experimental work.

Narcissism, mirrors, choreography, self portraiture, movement, and identity are themes that not only run through At Land but in much of Maya's work.

If you get the chance, watch the wonderful documentary of Maya's life, In the Mirror of Maya Deren.

Here is the first minute of At Land.


  1. Fantastic bit of information! So great!!! Thank you!

  2. dont let that Madonna Revelations site discover this.

  3. I miss M referencing art and underground culture in her work. It's always so fascinating to discover her inspiration and references.

  4. I appreciate her inspirations as much as anyone, but it seems like more and more of these "tributes" are coming to light. It's kind of disappointing in way. It seems like she's never had an original idea.

  5. joe - let that 'revelations' find it and EAT IT!!!! really, what have they ever found? haha!!!

    ive always found that group of detractors ridiculous. women thumb through vogue and US magazine to get their new 'style'. madonna pours through art and photography books.

    who would you rather hang with? contemporary tear sheets or a thorough researcher?


  6. There can be NO DOUBT. Fantastic find, Pud!

  7. Its amazing and she does it very well, she is a vessel for art references and transformations and I always liked the fact that she acts that way. I admire her for that!