Friday, February 5, 2010

Shocking Holiday Video Scams Uncovered !!!



One of the many versions of Holiday. Everyone's always on the lookout for the 'official' video, this has been deemed one. As was 'The Loft' performance. As exhibited here, it is a big fraud.

Here's a screen cap of a new one that's floating about, considered to be the 'official' video - titled, paused and all. However, as we have uncovered, its a reversed snap from the Long Version of Lucky Star and is another scam! With a little photoshop work, the glove, the mesh top and some hair is removed.


For many years it had been said that the photoshoot for the cover of ID magazine was shot on the set of the official video for Holiday. Never thought so and still don't.


  1. Again, where did you find this??!! Amazing!

  2. Ahaha great job! Lots of fans try to piss others off, I don't get why. Whoever did that photoshopped screencap has no life, clearly.

    I also don't believe that ID photo is from the video as well, people just assume that because there's a pink background. I think the pink background rumor started on one of her unauthorized biographies (was it Mark Bego?) so it's probably a fake idea anyway, not the holy grail of the madonna fan...

  3. In fact the 3 videos are from 3 different french tv sshows from the 80's.
    The first one is "Les enfants du rock", the second one is "Hip hop" and the third one, you thought was a mix of the 2 is "Paltine 45" kind of a french "top of the pops" at the time.

  4. very cool. it does seem that some of the footage from the other two have made it into the third but you say no. would love to see the 3rd performance without the windows media background shyt. xo

  5. cocamia, those videos are on youtube. and the 'screenshot' of the supposed 'official' video was sent to me by reader laura. as soon as i saw it, 'lucky star' beamed at me and then scrapple and i did a little investigative work.