Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Witches Collection. La Bruja's First Spell - The Devil Skirt.

The Witches Collection. This final collaboration between Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood included Keith Haring. Westwood found 'a magical, esoteric sign language' in the work of the New York graffiti artist Keith Haring. Most importantly, Madonna wore the best piece. A few of the early fans all time favorite skirt, if not the only skirt - The Devil Skirt!


Evidently, Haring was fuck'd over by Westwood and in mid 1983, Stephen Sprouce approached Haring at his Fun Gallery Exhibit wanting to collaborate on more clothes. Feeling burned and taken advantage of by the Westwood experience, he declined Stephen's offer.

Here are some pics from the collection. Of course, we all knew of this collection via Madonna wearing that skirt in photo shoots with Eric Watson, Michael Putland and immortalized forever in Mary Lambert's and Madonna's Borderline 'film'. Also note here, The Real King of Pop, Marilyn modeling on the catwalk.


If one didn't have to peel back the pages of a magazine to see who created what - get off the Lord's bus cause you ain't got correct change.


  1. A great piece of Fashion History!! Thank you!!

  2. LOVE THIS! And slightly off you happen to have any scans of the clothes Madonna made back in 85 through her Boy Toy line? Remember the whole Macy's Madonnaland? Remember BOP magazine? I shamelessly purchased that teen magazine because Madonna was constantly in it. I remember during her Virgin Tour, they had photos of girls modeling the clothes. That is something I can never find. Thanks in advance!

  3. buster, glad you liked this post!!! i do, too.

    i know i have some of those macy madonnaland clothes in mags -next time i pass through one, ill pull it and scan. but not at my fingertips.

    i loved BOP!!! they always the greatest madonna pics. still have some of those completely intact. xo

  4. That VW skirt is the skirt to end all skirts. With the exception of, perhaps, some awesome vintage pencil skirts from the '40s and '50s, you just can't find a better skirt, imo.

  5. hahah get of the lords bus.. I miss your sayings Pud LOL