Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Evita Premiere

These pictures and scans are courtesy of our reader Buster. He had the honor of attending the Evita premiere on December 14, 1996 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Hollywood had not seen a premiere of this magnitude since the early days of the Hollywood Movie Palaces. Utter mayhem - just the way we like it for Our Lady.
A Real Star with Real Style who really defines Star Quality.


  1. It would have been really cool to have been there! Truly an amazing event!

  2. i was there! i still have the gift bag. it was NUTS. i have amazing memories.

  3. Thanks Pud for posting the pictures...the event was truly incredible and just bigger than I imagined. She sat 7 rows in front of us and that was overwhelming...being in the same building 7 rows a way from MADONNA as we watched this film that I think changed her so much. It was incredible!!!

  4. I remember the Evita era with great fondness. I have TONS of Evita interviews and segments from TV recorded on several videos. She was so happy and finally getting good reviews from people. The movie itself kinda bored me, as I am not really into musicals, but this entire era was just so damn great, which opened the door to Ray of Light, her 4th best album.

  5. The premiere was pretty damn great too! It was just a special time in her career and I loved being there!!! Of course, Ray of Light was her other "baby" and that was exciting!!!

  6. i bet!!!

    you know, during that time i was so not into the project of evita that i kind of banned it. haha! now, of course, i wish i had went - i saw it on the news that night and i was floored with how gorgeous she looked in the fuchsia dress.

    the film is good, shes great in it but its not my thing. i was a bit scared she was entering streisand territory. and you know when youre younger you think what madonna is doing at that moment is like - "oh, thats how she is". so it freaked me out. i would never have seen evita if madonna wasnt involved.

    also, it must be said, she made me appreciate the brilliance of tim rice and andrew lloyd webber. the soundtrack is amazing. she did it!!!

    like tony said, it was an era never to forget.