Monday, March 1, 2010

The Greatest Hat in the World

For me and a lot of early (and maybe some dandy newer) fans, this is The Greatest Hat that has ever existed. I hope it's in her vault.


  1. I was all about that fucking hat! I know I say it over and over but this period was so exciting! Fresh on the market and HOT! Her style - I love this period! On another note...can you imagine what "her vault" would look like? Makes me want to pee in my pants just thinking about it. What 3 things would you most like to see in that "vault?"

  2. Smart... Sexy... Beautiful... Trendy... And everything good...

  3. buster - the vault. the 3 things i want to see...

    1. the keith haring skirt
    2. the hat
    3. the real bustier from open your heart video that clips from underneath her crotch.

    4. boytoy belt buckle!
    5. true blue video top.

    * sorry had to add two more. haha!!!

  4. WOW Pud! Those are some GOOD ones!!! I like those!

    Along with yours...I would like to see

    1. Like A Virgin wedding dress from cover shoot
    2. The full outfit from the Virgin Tour for Dress You Up and Holiday
    3. The jewerly and jacket from the Like A Prayer photo shoots
    4. The Nobody Knows Me corset from RIT
    5. The pink Keith Haring outfit she wore when she sang Dress You Up

    And although it will never happen...
    6. Pages from her writing journals where she rights before the songs are written

    I know it seems too personal and its not that I want private details of events but rather the pre-writing process.

    I am sure there are hundreds of things I would like to see in the vault. It would be great to see her in the studio recording ANY album or song...I don't care which. I remember when we got a glimpse of that for Ray of Light and I about died.


    6. yes, i want to see that pink haring skirt, too. of course. in fact, i have a surprise for you soon.

    hmmm, what else - theres so much!!!

    7. the pink floral dress from 1980 - rolling stone when she was with 'the breakfast club' and in how she busted it out again in 1986 and again in 1988 during 'speed the plow' and herb ritts photo shoot.

    8. omg - the pineapple dress. how could i have forgotten that one? bump that to number 2!

    9. that big wood/resin byzantine cross earring she wore in the early days.

    10. her early rosary collection!

  6. Oh yes.... Puddy you told it in the end. The rosaries. I was thinking about it. Then how about her blonde ambition conical bra?

  7. Hey puddy and buster? Have you guys ever been to a madonna concert?

  8. mun - of course ive seen her in concert - since the beginning. missed the girlie show - didnt come to Los Angeles.

    i love the gaultier conical bra form BA, the real one i love is from express yourself, not like a virgin. id love to see it but id rather see marlene stewarts true blue outfit she made for madonna!!! xo

  9. Oh my gosh! I envy how lucky you guys are. Seeing her live atleast once remains as my greatest ambition. She's never given a concert for her indian fans like me. But one day surely i'll get a chance.