Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Hostess Outfit.

The Hostess Outfit, one of my favorites, was popularized in the 1950's. The outfit, for entertaining or lounging, was worn over slacks or capri pants. The front was a fitted top with a train that would be either short, mid-length or long and flowing. From Edith Head to Jean Louis, it's nearly impossible to get through a film of the 1950's and not have a sighting. Madonna asked Marlene Stewart, her personal costumer of the time, to design one for her and most of us know it from the True Blue video.

Madonna's Hostess Outfit from True Blue by Marlene Stewart

Judy Holliday's Hostess Outfit from Born Yesterday by Jean Louis 1950

Lucille Ball's Hostess Outfit from I Love Lucy by Elois Jenssen 1952


  1. kind of knew youd like this one coca. xo

    seriously since the true blue video, i have been obsessed with hostess outfits. i love all madonna - but i must say the true blue period did something to me as a teenager. so fabulous, that 50's americana she was going through and she did it right.

  2. Fabulous, Pud! I love the True Blue outfit (though not a huge fan of the video).

  3. well you better get to loving it, miss betty. haha!!!

  4. This is going to sound really stupid... but I always wished that I could have made the video for the song. I always envisioned a black and white video very similar to the single cover. Madonna is having a slumber party with the girls from the video and, intercut between the dancing and the boy talk are scenes of the girls pillow fighting. For that scandal factor that almost every Madonna video is required to provide, the video hints that the girls are pillow fighting in the nude. Yeah, I know.. stupid. But I 14 when the song came out and at the time thought it would've been really cool.

    Guess to stay on topic... when she isn't pillow fighting in the nude, Madonna could be wearing the hostess dress in the video. LOL

  5. i love it, JC! although, and i know im in the minority here, i love the true blue video. *swoon*

    i think its because of the hostess outift. xo