Friday, March 5, 2010

Madonna in Los Angeles for Oscars.

Last night at dinner.  Vanity Fair Oscar Party Coming!


  1. Madonna te ves hermosa te amo eres la mejor

  2. Mmm, stunning. Can't wait to see what she wears on the night! :) Thanks x

  3. m-dolla - xoxoxo


    ivor - me too!!!!! i always get so excited. Ha!

  4. Oscar Hits & Misses?

    Vintage years for me were obviously 1991 - Breathless, 1997 - Evita & 1998 pre-raphaelite.

    The only oscar look that missed, for me, was the Max Factor ad brunette bob & trouser suit in 1999.

    Since 2006 she has looked better every year if that's possible, maturing like a fine wine :)
    Loved the sleek, pink Confessions era look; the sexy D&G bondage dress with old school Hollywood hair in 2007; we didn't see much of her gold statuette tribute in 2008, but the one pic that was available looked hot and last year she rocked an au naturel vibe that was part rock chick, part diva and all legend!

    Have I missed any? Oh yea, there was the 1995 lilac D&G feathered outfit, that was gorgeous too - she engaged in a sit down interview with film critic barry norman of the bbc that night to discuss Evita and held Tarantinos oscar :)

    Are these all her oscar appearances? x

  5. She also went to the 1992 parties - I have some news reports about that with footage.

    She was with Rosie and wore a kinda blue smock dress and I think maybe a beret.

  6. Oh and her 1995 pink outfit was Versace. :-)
    A dress she had worn in the Versace ad campaign in fact (and also a few days before the Oscars at the San Remo Music festival in Italy!).

    Loved that outfit!!!

  7. Haha, thanks - I remember the artist smock affair and she loved her berets at that time, while filming Body of Evidence.

    I remember her wearing the pink outfit in San Remo, but I don't recall it in the S/S 95 Versace campaign, was sure it was D&G, but you may be right :)

  8. I'm guessing by the complete lack of pics anywhere online, that Madonna was a no show at the Oscars this year. *frown*