Saturday, March 6, 2010

Madonna, Martin Burgoyne, Erica Bell and Bags at Haoui Montaug's No Entiendes Cabaret Performing 'Everybody' for the very first time - 1982.

In early 1985, fans got their first proper Madonna Book - like Culture Club's When Cameras Go Crazy only better because it was Madonna, Lucky Star.

The Lucky Star Book
, as my friends and I referred to it, was written by Michael Mckenzie and designed by Martin Burgoyne - it was our Bible. It was the first time we saw Island Magazine!

Full of never before seen pictures taken not only by the books author but Laura Levine, Beth Baptiste, Dan Gilroy, Stephen Jon Lewicki (Bruna!), Marcus Leatherdale, Patrick McMullan, Debroah Feingold, Edo Bertoglio (Maripol's boyfriend) and heaps others. It was the first time fans had read about about Madonna's debut performance of Everybody in detail. It had taken place at the Danceteria at Haoui Montaug's Caberet Show, No Entiendes.

Like reading about the 4 track demo that got her signed to Sire Records, I thought it would never see the light of day. However, a few years ago, Everybody hit the internet.

To make a long story longer, I remember the day I bought my first computer. I got it at Best Buy and it was that very day at that very store that I saw Stephen Bray's Pre-Madonna, the cd that not only had the songs from the 4 track demo but some new ones that I had only read about in Entertainment Weekly. I was more excited about the cd than my computer.

Anyway, here it is. Madonna's very first performance of Everybody at the Danceteria plus scans of details from The Lucky Star Book.



  1. I STILL HAVE THIS BOOK! Not the reissue from London but the original. I think the re-issue book was called Madonna Her Story but the original was called LUCKY STAR!!!! This book had so many insights to her beginning...especially since it was released in 1985...they could really focus on the beginning without 25 years of history like today. AH, this book was MY BIBLE TOO!!!!! THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME...I am going to pull this book out NOW!!!!

  2. :) yep same here. I was 9 and I remember carrying it around everywhere with me summer 85. Your enthusiasm is infectuous. Remind me, what were the other songs on that 4-track demo aside from Everybody? x

  3. OMG!! I was 9 too! I have it stored away with the rest of my Madonna Stuff! This post ROCKS!!!!

  4. i love our little kooky grouplet!!! :lol:

    ivor - aint no big deal, everybody, burning up, early version of stay.


  5. I sold mine on ebay, shame on me, wish i hadn't now, along with so much other stuff; icon mags, tour programs, magazines, 12 inch records - but i kept my ultra precious stuff, that I could never part with - sex, blond ambition program (1st concert i ever saw, at wembley, wow!), some rolling stones, vanity fairs, lots of vinyl - most prized vinyl is like a prayer lp still scented in patchouli, and i still have loads more in storage!
    But I made so much money summer 08 selling my 'excess' madonna merch I was able to buy a car!

    My favorite early Madonna song is either burning up or physical attraction - what are yours guys? x

  6. ivor - its so hard to pick one - all the early ones!!! but if i had to - stay 81, everybody, holiday, i know it!!!, borderline. xo


    ... - lets get a few things straight now.

    1. you keep coming back here and this is a history blog. and since i know you will continue to come back - if you have nothing decent to contribute, check your common childish 2010 acerbic internet attitude at the door before commenting.

    2. i dont give a shyt about young kids - never have and never will. i will leave that weirdo crap to you, dearie. xo

  7. Its easy to be so rude when your name is ...! I see you find comfort in anonymity. So, say what you will as you hide behind your keyboard. Seems like prehistoric stuff is your thing with this dinosaur (Lóizaga)on your profile.

    The bottomline is that if you don't like it, you don't need to come here. There are many people who enjoy this blog including myself.

    Shoo fly, don't bother us!

  8. "madonna's scrap, boo" - i don't agree with that person's comments but that's funny lol but seriously, how great is this video. it all began here, pretty much. soon after she would never ever again receive such a lacklustre introductory applause.

  9. is that book worth anything? i still have mine too!

  10. I still have that book, too. :) It was around the time of my 16th birthday and I had to, had to, had to have it. Most will tell you I'm not that different 25 years on. ;)

    I would have to say my favourite early track is "Burning Up", simply because that was the song that really started my obsession, er, appreciation. LOL

    If somebody on here really doesn't like Madonna enough that they're calling her a prehistoric hag, then WHAT ARE THEY DOING ON HERE? Closet Madonna fan or what. :)