Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vocal Coach

I'm Going to Tell You a Secret.  Certainly not one of my favorite Madonna projects, however, it does have its moments - unfortunately, one of the best was left off.  This was a bonus on the DVD and not in the proper documentary - which was a bummer.  One of my favorite bits, Madonna and her vocal coach Joan Lader.


  1. Aw, I liked the documentary. Sure I would have preferred the DVD for the actual show but what would have been better was the rumored double disc (documentary and entire show). One can dream! I admit...this bonus scene was excellent. Anytime we can see Madonna work on her craft (in the studio, tours, etc) is a plus for me.

  2. Wasnt one of my favorite projects either. I didnt really enjoy American Life or any of the projects surrounding it. Her work since has been much more enjoyable, for me personally anyway.

  3. It was great seeing how Madonna has changed over the years in this documentary. It made me love her more and more.

  4. Great clip. Her voice has improved so much over the years. You can tell she's worked really hard. Good for her!

  5. her voice post-Evita definately has its moments but i also miss the less trained voice of BA/LAP. for instance, i've never enjoyed a live concert rendition of the song LAP as much as the BA tour version. there's a depth to her voice that is missing these days. anyway, about this doco... yes it was lengthy and a little disjointed but great nonetheless.

  6. Thanks for sharing that! I agree, not her best project but I still watched it like 50 times!

  7. Interesting because I've never seen her with a vocal coach 'til now. I've only heard her talk about her coaches and I've read about them. I have 'I'm Going to Tell You…' taped on VHS somewhere (from when it was played on MTV). I wasn't thrilled about it because I was expecting the excitement of 'Truth Or Dare.'

  8. buster - it had its moments but all around, it would have been groovier had it been like the first ten minutes - that was perfection - not only a mix of color and b/w before they get to the performance scenes but just seeing her put a madonna show together - for example why was this scene not in the film but whatever his name is singing 'looking for love in all the wrong places'? i mean really? again a reversal is in need here - that should have been on the bonus and this in the film. im not a big fan of ackerland.

    oh and that insulting the audience with saying something, then writing it as if were all stupid and didnt get it the first time. not big on that - at all.

    opening night should have been OPENING NIGHT - lets see the fear and jitters. not 3 months later in afghanistan in a different outfit. it was a great lead up but extremely anti climatic because it wasnt even in the arena it took place. big cinematic no-no.

    jc - everything was fine for me about american life until she lost her footing. i always wondered what the tour would have been like, had the album been a success. i think she would have picked up where the fantastic drowned world left off.

    tony - everything makes me love her just a little bit more, even this mess of a 'film'. xo

    betty and evrybdy - yes and yes. love the trained voice, miss the early one but had she not been trained, her voice would be shot and its not.

    coca - dont think i havent watched it 50 times either! im always down to have it change my mind but it seems that each time, i start losing interest. i understand why cannes said no and she had distribution problems.

    alec - glad you saw this. xo

  9. el documental es increible, pues puedes conocer mejor a Madonna y a mi si me gusta este trabajo y ojala algun dia saquen el dvd de reinvention tour