Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Watch Your Mouth Bytch! Alison Goldfrapp "Head First" into Oblivion

Alison Goldfrapp was next on the roster for the wanna-be's in a few weeks but this bytch really fuck'd up so now is the time. This one is really nothing. Nothing. A few good songs a great rock star does not make. Thank god the interviewer lets her have it back and she gives that typical common safe response - backtracker bytch EXPOSED!

Have u ever heard Madonna's 'Like It Or Not' from 'Confessions on A Dancefloor'? It was her attempt at making a Goldfrapp record.
'Black Cherry' Godlfrapp to be specific.

Alison Goldfrapp : 'Never heard it, that song. I couldn't care less what she or whoever does. Madonna is always copying other people's work. yuck.'

Well you guys are quite good at it yourself : 'Ooh La La' was a T-Rex ripp-off. 'Cologne Cerrone Houdini' could have been any Gainsbourg song
on 'Histoire de Melody Nelson'. And those are just two examples.

Alison Goldfrapp : 'We have a perfectly legitimate post-modern explanation for that. Those songs are an Hommage! We steal like magpies but we pay tribute to our heroes at any chance we get, in interviews etc.. . Everyone should know by now that Marc Bolan was my idol growing up. But we'll never be caught following the latest trend or collaborating with the hottest Dj's and producers just to get their names on our record sleeves. That's not our style.

Is she kidding?



And why do these bytches, like Shirley Manson, latch on to the safely cool and passé Debbie Harry when they're the biggest Madonna Wanna's? Is it because they consider Debbie Harry the living dead and completely threatless? Debbie should tell them to fuck off.

look at Miss Cool, Madonna Wanna, royally fuck up on Italian television. Love Love Love the Italian host: "what happened?" Haha!


  1. Ha! Never seen that video before. I'm actually a fan of Goldfrapp, seen them a few times over the years. Love their first 4 records but finding Alison's behaviour and particular nastiness towards Madonna hard to stomach. Since M was seen with 'Supernature' in her hand back in 2005 she been attached to them in some way, usually people saying M is gonna copy Alison.

    I don't think anything M has ever done musically or visually has ever resembled anything Ms. Goldfrapp has done. Nothing on 'Confessions' resembles any of Goldfrapp's music, neither did any of the visuals.

    Not in a hurry to by 'Head First' as it's said to be rubbish and I hate 'Rocket' but rest assured I'll be front row at their concert next time wearing a Madonna t-shirt!

    I wouldn't pay any attention to anything Alsion says anyway, she's a moody cow who's up her own arse! Just read ANY interview with her.

  2. well now i aint liking her no more

  3. r1 - so true. that paparazzi pic of her holding their cd became major news! madonna was always so complementary and this bytch was always a fucking cunt. and the biggest wannabe of all - and then has the audacity to call madonna a byter. love me few of their songs, but that bytch is scratched off the list. she needs to shut the fuck up!


    haha joe!!! xo

  4. Just read/viewed a few other recent interviews and she seems to be a musical snob as though, she's not in the mainstream, not making pop music etc. But she is. And she uses her image to do so. People only starting paying attention to her when she starting dressing up in 2005. In an interview with a local paper she made it sound as though she invented '80s eletro pop' years ago, before anyone else. As if.

    I dlsike nothing more than a hypocrite. At least M has always been honest about herself. Really sick of all the M bashing from other 'artists' of late.

  5. It's kind of funny that she is criticizing a Madonna song she admits to having never listened to.

    And how ridiculous that she maintains that everyone else is copying others music, but when she does it, she is "paying homage" to another artist.

    Maybe she should pay homage to a Madonna song and actually produce a hit. She has never enjoyed even 1% of Madonna's success and she is so obviously jealous. Madonna's influence in music is legendary while 99% of the public have never heard of Alison Goldfrapp, much less heard one of her songs.

  6. so bright, shane. she didnt even hear it and is so venomous towards it and madonna. shes so jaded and like r1 said, a fucking music snob. she cant take the influence madonna has even today - that per per hideous lady gaga cant get an interview piece without 'the madonna association' woven completely throughout.

  7. I haven't been able to find the interview, but Alison said she met Madonna at the Brit Awards and she told her Goldfrapp's album ('Supernature') rocked. Alison admitted Madonna was "her favourite person for months" and that she is an amazing popstar. She then compared her to Bowie and said they were both great at setting trends in fashion and music.

    Oh, she also said it was a surreal experience to meet her.

  8. is that Q magazine doblame?

    has anyone else noticed that miss cunt looks like bonnie tylers long lost cousin?

  9. I love Goldfrapp, but she has never been gracious. She strikes me as one of those permanently miserable, argumentative people tha never has anything nice to say about anyone, let alone Madonna. Doblame, I think the interview you're talking about is here:


    Even her compliment is back-handed. She is clearly jealous as all hell that a woman not too much older than her has truly made her mark on the world, while she spent most of her 20s in squats taking ecstasy... And you can't tell me that Goldfrapp would be ANYTHING without Will Gregory.

    I do genuinely love Goldfrapp but I feel mad reading comments like this, as if she invented pop music, guesting on records by Tricky and Orbital to get ahead. Aaaaaargh!

    *deep breath*

    Great blog, PudWhacker - I'm a silent visitor, but yours is one of the best sites on the interweb....keep up the wonderful work xxx

  10. Uh-oh.

    And to answer your question about why they glom onto Debbie and talk trash about Madonna: I think it's because it's "cool" and "hip" to be into Debbie ('cause she's considered retro and classic and has the punk NYC cred thing going) and it's not considered "cool" and "hip" to be into Madonna, who has alawys been more mainstream and y'know, Pop. But it's a bunch of bullshit. I know, 'cause I've gone through little phases of that myself, but thank god I always come back to my senses. These peeps hating on Madonna are probably closet M fans. You know they're secretly rocking out to M's music in the car or at the gym. Like, I think the lady doth protest too much, know what I mean?

    And to imply that M is just "following the latest trend or collaborating with the hottest Dj's and producers" just to get [her] name on a record sleeve?? Um...M doesn't need to work with ANYONE to get her name on a record sleeve or to have a best-selling album. You'd think her 25+ year career would have proved that. AND... she often starts the flippin' trend in working with these people, OR they come looking for her, not vice versa. Bitch really does need to STFU.

    P.S. I like Shirley Manson. Has she talked trash?

  11. P.P.S. Even Debbie gives credit where credit is due.

  12. Hey I think Madonna and Alison's history goes way back. Madonna has stated on some interview that the first track she ever downloaded was Goldfrapp's "Human" (from their first record). She then invited them over to her and Guy's house in London to watch some footage from Swept Away, wanting to use some of their songs at the movie. They ended up using one song (the film intro is set up to Goldfrapp's "Lovely Head"). Alison said she was starstruck and couldn't believe she was at Madonna's house. She also said it was uncomfortable because the movie was clearly going to suck (eh eh).

    Then they went all electro with their second album. Madonna was seen carrying the next record "Supernature" and it started a bunch of outrageous rumors saying she was going to copy their sound on her next record ("Confessions..."). The UK press even gave her the harsh nickname "Oldfrapp" for a while. When asked about this Alison sayed it was terrible and ageist, it was great to see someone lasting so long and doing such amazing work (she was really sweet towards M I think).

    She has indeed said on some other interviews that Madonna has copied some looks (she says it felt surreal) and that she wasn't that much into her music because she did music in a very 60's fashion (meaning, hooking up with different producers instead of developing her own sound). I don't actually take this as bitchiness, she doesn't see Madonna as a musician and well, that's somehow true. Madonna is a great producer I think, she has a vision and knows what she wants.

    I think in the end, Alison has mixed feelings. She probably admires her anyway but the constant comparing and references to Madonna in every interview she gives must become tiring. There you are trying to talk about your music and you get asked all these silly pop-gossip questions looking only fora soundbyte or two.

    And yeah, "Like It Or Not" its a totally rip-off of "Strict Machine". I felt it the first time I listed to it. They both sample the same source (can't name it) and the ground for the song is the same if you strip all the layers. But Goldfrapp are no example cause they went on and used that same reference on "Oh La La" a couple of years after.

    Pop is eating itself anyway...

  13. I wonder if Alison thinks Gaga is great and original. Lol.

  14. Well I can listen to Like It Or Not, but Strict Machine is like sandpaper on my asshole. And for the record, Alison sounds pretty much like Joanne without the gravy train. Everything that comes out of her mouth is contrived, borrowed and makes me think of a bitter late blooming fish pie muncher living in a council flat in Brighton.

  15. I used to be a huge fan! I do love their music...still do, but her attitude towards Madonna is a turn off. I don't know how anyone can acuse anyone of "ripping artists off." That's art, in my opinion. Art inspires art and Alison is foolish to think that how she pays "homage" is any different that how Madonna does it. Well, the only difference is Madonna Does It Better! ALWAYS!

  16. "Talent borrows, genius steals." - Oscar Wilde

  17. Alison on Gaga from the last Attitude Magazine: she thinks she is interesting but makes music for ringtones, too much hooks and bits...

  18. Well she could brag if her new album was any good but it isn't in any way. Goldfrapp started as post trip hop band and since then they tried to go disco and failed. Skip "Head first" and try Golden Filter's "Voluspa" instead, it's the album Goldfrapp never succeeded at making.
    And i wonder who's that chick on the album cover because she looks nothing like Alison Goldfrapp more like how she would like to look ( and don't).

  19. Sorry, Pheel. 'Head First' is Goldfrapp's best album. It's a guilty, 80's throwback pop record. Very fun.

  20. "Talent borrows, genius steals." - Oscar Wilde

    LOVE THIS PUD! Thanks!

  21. A lot of these commentators who herald Head First as a guilty 80s throwback don't seem to have a clue about the fact that much of the music from that decade that for so long had no merit and was dismissed as fluff actually stands far superior to all of the new imitations currently grated on our eardrums. These modern templates have none of the innocence and innovation that pop writers had in the 1980s when it actually took a lot of imagination to create sounds electronically. Those songs were real. Where is the substance, or even the tune, in any of these new Goldfrapp tracks?

    How someone as pretentious as the real Oldfrapp can wax so cerebral about music and creation and not see that the joke is on her is beyond me. Only misery and severe arrested development could truly lead to such a travesty.

  22. JP you hit the nail on the head.

    But might i add that Moloko were doing that sound first, and this NEVER gets mentioned anywhere. Just listen to 'Indigo' which came out years earlier and you'll understand.


  23. Tony > an 80's throaway you mean :)
    "Felt mountain" and "seventh tree" were original and creative, "Head first" sounds awful and has been better mastered by Kylie Minogue and Golden Filter as i mentionned.
    I remember when "Seventh tree" was released, there was this profile in the Independant where the journalist said that he was conducting the interview at Alison's place and there was a framed picture of a paparazzi shot of Madonna holding their cd hanging on her wall....Just like Boy George who trashed Madonna so many times and has paintings of her in his house as seen in his mtv cribs episode.
    I love Debbie Harry but she's the one who asked Jellybean for a track in the vein of "into the groove" forgetting that he had nothing to do with it, hence the fact that "Feel the spin" ended being a major artistic failure.

  24. wait, allison has that paparazzi pic of madonna holding their cd hanging on the wall of her pad? oh, that just says it all.

    and yes to 'feel the spin' but i must say - i love it!!!! xo

  25. i love madonna but you guys all sound totally fucking crazy.

    alison goldfrapp is the fucking shit. and madonna is always copying everybody. and the confessions tour was all white horses. way after supernature came out. just sayin.

    i love em both and alison is a music snob. and she has the right to be one.

  26. honey, dates!!!! Madonna did everything BEFORE GOLDFRAPP! LOOK FOR DATES!