Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Melissa Crowe and the Madonna EBAY scandal

Debi M., Erica Bell and Madonna on the set of True Blue in one of the EBAY items up for grabs.


Yesterday we ran a story about private items that belonged to Madonna's former assistant Melissa Crow being put up on Ebay by a seller who had purchased the boxes of personal photos, polaroids, video, diaries, autographed items from a moving company.

Today has been informed that Melissa is actually shocked to know some personal items that belonged to her are up for sale and she is indeed very upset by this situation and is trying to find a way to prevent the sale of these personal items.

What bothers Melissa the most is that some fans on the various forums where this story is being monitored and discussed (on our board as well) may have the impression she is indeed the one putting these items up for auction on Ebay and trying to cash on Madonna's fame. MadonnaTribe can deny this is the case. We have heard that Melissa Crow wants fans to clearly understand that she is NOT behind this Ebay auction and that she is doing anything to get the items back into her possession. She is also kindly asking people not to bid on the items.


I knew Sweet Melly Mel couldn't be behind this.


  1. Pud when I saw that True Blue video photo my heart missed a beat.

    I would die for that picture in high quality - I would hang it up in my living room on a big white wall and smile every time I looked at it.

    I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My all time fave Madonna song and video, it puts the biggest smile on my face everytime I see it and hear it. To me it is the most perfect pop song ever written, when I am in the worst mood it puts me in the best mood and makes my heart smile. I want that photo bad!!!

  3. AS IF SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO BUY ALL THAT IRRELEVANT JUNK... Poor fat Melissa. Melissa: if you had cash problems you should have sold your TV set or your laptop. You would have made much more money out of them and attracted much more attention. Believe me: no one cares about the Madonna junk, so relax

  4. ... Isn't time for u to pop some pills, sit on the couch and watch fat loser? LOL U sound so grumpy all the time, u need to be castrated (or maybe u already have been and that is why you are always acting up). Somehow I doubt you have anything at all to look forward to every day, no family, no friends, no life, no job and definitely no happiness in your life, I know being on this blog religiously brings you joy everyday so don't fight it, I love reading your sad comments. May I suggest playing with your "parts or lack there of" from time to time to release that anger? Maybe you can even pay someone lots a da casha to bone u really really hard to get some of life's unfortunate mistakes that you were born with to leave your angry little sad body just for a few hours LOL.

  5. "Melissa is actually shocked to know some personal items that belonged to her are up for sale"

    So how buyer did get them?

    I think, it's really bad situation. Of course it's very interesting for us, madonna's fans, to see these stuff. But i don't think madonna very happy with this situation. If i were madonna, i would very upset if postcards with my congratulation somebody go on sale. It's so private and looks like we enter her soul without any permission.

    if this is against the law, why no any comments from Liz?

  6. i dont think it is against the law, vivianna. there was neglect on melissas part and her storage space which contained all this shyt were sold at auction.

  7. I feel bad for Melissa. She really fucked up.

  8. UUUUUh, La Sergio gives me the chills! hahahahah

  9. LOL... thank u for the compliment ... I barely understand your broken english sometimes but it's definitely fun to read. You must have so much time on your hands to do this full time lol. Love the La addition to my name you, you are so clever. I wantched Silence of the Lambs last night, you were amazing... Now if only you would focus on the that part of your life as much as you do on this nobody named Madonna maybe you wouldn't be so sad, fat and miserable LOL. Have a wonderful weekend, smooches!