Monday, April 5, 2010

Over and Over (Live) - May 03, 1985 - Dallas, Texas.

Photo: Neil Preston

Hurry up, I just can't wait
I gotta do it now I can't be late
I know I'm not afraid I gotta get out the door
If I don't do it now I won't get anymore
You try to criticize my drive
If I lose I don't feel paralyzed
It's not the game it's how you play

And if I fall, I get up again now.

Over and Over - one of the greatest Madonna songs, sung live below in Dallas on her Virgin Tour on May 03, 1985. The complete live performance is so wonderful and a quarter of a century later, I'm so impressed on a completely different level than I was at 14 years old with Her Raw Talent. A fantastic live singer (credit she rarely - if ever, receives), she hits each mark (that she's designated), shes in perpetual motion (like a hummingbird) - the woman doesn't stop. And the song. A brilliant songwriter (were we the only ones that saw it earlier?). After all she has done, there are still cynics. Yes, you heard it correctly. However, a few years later - "Madonna stakes her claim as the pop poet of lower-middle-class America." (David Sigerson, July 7, 1986, Madonna: Her Aim is True, Rolling Stone).

Eat cock, Dylan.

Over and Over. So honest, so great, so inspirational, so Madonna. I scanned my insane brain to think of another woman in the entertainment business that had done what Madonna did in The Virgin Tour prior - and really I can say nobody. She set a new standard and expectation of what performing is. From the beginning of this show - with Dress You Up until she runs back to fetch her fur after Material Girl - every smile, every wink, every kick is choreographed and here with Over and Over - she is, once again, perfection.

13 years later, she would receive her first 'real' Grammy Award.

Over and Over always made me wonder - do you know specifically what you want before you get it or are you just passionate about something and keep working and something will come? I think the latter.

This was all inspired by my fantastic friend of 25 years and how in touch she is with life (oh, those pisceans). So, without further ado - uncut and unedited - intro and all, Over and Over, live from Dallas.

Hello Dallas!


  1. increible, Madonna desde siempre ha tenido una gran actitud, la amo, me encanta

  2. Over and over? Is it that good? I don't think...

  3. This is such a fun song! I was glad it got highlighted and remixed on You Can Dance. Whoever got that picture with her tambourine framing her face had perfect timing!

  4. I have always loved this song!!! So inspirational and fun fun fun!!!

  5. I lived in Dallas Fort Worth back in 1985 and wanted to go to THAT VERY concert so bad. But my parents said I wasn't old enough to go to a rock concert --- much less (gasp!) a Madonna concert. So I secretly bought a ticket then on the night of the concert, snuck out of the house. My friends and I got caught by one the parents. We never got to the concert and got in so much trouble, we barely got to see Madonna when she returned to Dallas/Fort Worth in 1987!

  6. glad you guys like it, too. its like 'over and over' started her reoccurring 'dont stop me' theme in her music.

    jc - bummer but amazing story! xo

  7. Well, you know what I think! LOVE IT!!!!

  8. Oooh! The good old days when she was successful (a fucking long time ago). These are also the good old days when she looked like a woman and appealed to real men, although she was very fat and tacky.

  9. just startinn to leave comments...but this is EXACTLY how I feel....bout this performance....would have killed to see it live...but i was "too young" :-( THANKS to pud for the nostalgia!