Thursday, May 6, 2010

All I Had To Do Was Shoot Her Face...

My photographs of the 4th Street Bridge in Los Angeles where the beginning of Borderline was shot.

Like church bells on a Sunday morning after a hard night, Borderline beckons us to the Church of Madonna. That voice, that song, that face, those orange pumps. I still haven't gotten over it, 26 years later. Neither have you.


The video:

The brilliant Mary Lambert speaking of it:

"We were up on a rooftop trying to steal a shot and the sun started to set and that beautiful golden light lit up her face and I was looking through the camera and I just looked down and I knew we were going to have a great video, all I had to do was shoot her face." - Mary Lambert on Borderline.


  1. thank you very much for your great blog! it's always very interesting. the borderline video and song is so sweet and here style in the clip - simply wow. mary lambert is a genius... i hope madonna work with her again in the future or with jean-baptiste mondino...

  2. coca - xo

    daniel_germany - my pleasure. I would love to see madonna work with both directors mentioned, too! xo

  3. Hey Pud,
    What's the exact location -- 4th Street Bridge and ____ Or any additional markers?

  4. hey fortin - i forget the side street name but these are taken from the 6th street bridge aimed at 4th and as you can see - coming from boyle heights, downtown is east. so there is this little side street and you can get in there like that. xo

  5. wouldnt it be great if they would work with eachother again...:o)

  6. Awesome video. Awesome song. I love Borderline so much!

    Just the a few days ago I dug out a recording of mine from ET which had footage they took on the set of the Borderline video on FEBRUARY 12th 1984!

  7. beef - totally.

    love it jamesy! xo