Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The First Album: Madonna - Lucky Star.

As most of you know, Madonna's first album was originally set to be called Lucky Star. Photographed by Maripol's boyfriend, Edo Bertoglio and designed by Martin Burgoyne. Wheels were in motion, copies were pressed but then Madonna sat with Gary Heery and everything was changed. Thank God. And that's exactly what I told some dude peddling it at the Madonna convention in 2000 chasing me down trying to get me to buy it. I mean, as great as it is, it looks more like a Cherelle album than Madonna. All colorized/tinted and shyt.

Fans first saw the Edo Bertoglio photographs in Madonna's first biography, the Martin Burgoyne designed book of the same name, Lucky Star. They're fabulous, sexy, with a splash of old Hollywood and wonderful but I'm sure we are all in agreement that the final product was, in fact, the best choice. If not one of the greatest records covers of all time. Certainly, it is for me.

Edo Bertoglio photograph of an early Madonna. Gorgeous.

The back side of the Burning Up single when the album was still called Lucky Star.

The Real Deal. The way it was supposed to be. There could have been no other.


  1. I agree the Lucky Star cover doesn't work. That said, I prefer the cover of the European re-issue (called, bizarrely, 'The First Album') to the final 'Madonna' cover. It's okay, but her chin looks a bit funny. The back cover is much better too.

  2. Couldn't agree with you more, Pud.

  3. Love these rare finds, but I agree the Lucky Star album art work looks a bit dated now. I also agree that the 'Madonna' artwork still looks amazing, sexy, timeless. That she rechristened it eponymously works much better too.
    I've never been a fan of the repackaging that took place for the European market, completely unnecessary and, far from being an improvement, I thought it looked cheap and a rushed job. And the name, God, someone at Warners should've been fired for that.
    'Madonna' the album looks best and is named best, hands down. x

  4. Thanks for that Pud, I had no idea and I have never seen the "other" cover. Couldn't agree with you more, the final cover is timeless.

  5. I agree, what a catastrophe it would have been to use that original very mediocre cover.

    I can't imagine any other cover than the iconic chain-around-neck picture.

  6. THANK GOD the Edo Bertoglio art didn't make it!!! Part of M's early magic was that she sounded black and looked punk... and that woulda never happened with Edo's shopping mall 'glamour shots.' Heery's images captured Madonna the screen siren, Madonna the rebel, and Madonna the seductress --- perfectly and effortlessly. The icon was born.

  7. i agree. the final artwork is so much better... the lucky star cover is a little bit boring and i don't like the used colors for it. but i like the madonna pic with the moon...

    in the final version here look is like she was in the beginning days in NYC... perfect!

  8. Hey Pud,
    Thanks so much for this gem of information! Never had I heard of this name for the album, never had I seen that cover either!
    I happened to be at the 2001 Convention. I wonder if you were there too?