Friday, June 11, 2010

Fire Ball "American Life" Interview 2003

All Knowing

I just think life is full of endless possibility.
- Madonna 2003

I love this Dutch "American Life" interview. It's in two parts. Honesty always in the moment of her life. So ahead of it. Beautiful, smart and tapped into something spectacular. She has always had something to say and in this interview - she's gonna say it! Eddy Zoe is a bit of a dingle - she catches that fast and, like a tiger, goes in for the kill. No time for stupidity! Not Our Lady.


The only thing that is going to bring you happiness is love.


  1. i think i like madonna best when she flirts with interviewers and sings pops songs about holidays, virgins & prayers. this poor guy is trying to play along with her existential bullshit and she's just taking it WAAAAYYY too seriously. this was her bitter period! meanwhile... now she's back in sexpot mode, singing about candyshops & dressing like a whore again. I LIKE THAT :) me no likey ice queen madonna... makes her seem so small and lonely.

  2. This is Madonna at her most pathetic. Of course she is going to say that money and fame don't matter, after living with them for over 20 years, but what is the merit in that? when she was young she had NO VALUE SYSTEM except getting fame and money, because they were what she lived for. It's pathetic that she feels she's achieved enlightened or something, she's just being an idiot.

    True spiritual people are not materialistic and are good people all the time, it's something that's almost innate, you don't need to achieve fame and fortune to realize they don't make you happy if you are good hearted or even empathetic and intelligent.

  3. I love, love, love her as a brunette.

  4. It's a good interview in many ways. It's hard to reconcile this Madonna with the Hard Candy Madonna. It's just worlds apart. That's what keeps things interesting. That said, there's a sadness in knowing she ended up getting divorced.

  5. i love her here and yes, it is such a different madonna than the hard candy era madonna and the confessions madonna and the like a prayer madonna and the ray of light madonna and the music madonna and the bdtime stories madonna and the erotica madonna. Haha! thats madonna!!!

    i think she has managed to take this american life madonna and use that in malawi and the pop star madonna and just be. i think she was learning and plugged into something really incredible during this time and trying to relay that to people, but people cant take it.

    ive always loved the american life era. she speaks of her truth at that time. its unfortunate she got so many doors slammed. imagine the REAL madonna tour after dwt. not that drab RIT.

    as she said to this interviewer, "youre just quoting others interviews". once that new york times article came out pre-album release, the word RELEVANT became the top 10 word in american vocabulary regarding pop culture. ridiculous.

  6. Madonna looked incredible during this era...that brown just gave her this incredible, more mature look that I adored.

    Sadly, Madonna pussying her way out of the controversy regarding the American Life video left a sour taste in my mouth. Where once she would've never censored herself, she completely censored herself, and it marked a change in Madonna's career that hasn't been the same since. She became less brave on many levels post-American Life, and it's kinda sad.

    Also, her words come off as incredibly hypocritical half the time. It's tough to say you don't want to be part of the materialistic world while wearing designer clothing and having impeccable makeup and hair during interviews. Talk about hypocritical. Sheesh.

    Still...some of the things she said during the AL promo interviews reminded me of Madonna circa 1990/Justify My Love, and I was completely in love again in a way I hadn't experienced since the early 90's. Sadly, she didn't stick to her guns, and became a wimp.

    RE: Re-Invention though, I have to completely disagree on that one. Drowned World Tour was a dark, depressing show. Madonna overreached and failed to forget she was performing to an arena, not a crowd of philsophers. Re-Invention was the gorgeous light at the end of the Drowned World dark tunnel, and thank God it happened. Re-Invention brought me back as a fan after the dysmal darkness of Drowned World.

  7. Some of the comments here are so awful! A lot of people say that Erotica was her most misunderstood era. I think it must be American Life now. I really believe she meant well. And her messages here are so much more important than anything she's doing now. It just meant more. She was really trying to use her platform for good, trying to make a positive difference in the world. THAT's that Madonna I love. Now she does it through Raising Malawi but keeps it out of her career much more. It's a shame people didn't want to be told what they so needed to hear.

  8. arrrgh she's so annoying when she tries to be British! And yeah, she takes herself way too seriously here! I love the fun, sweet, innocent, mischievious pre-1993 Madonna. Something switched during/after Blond Ambition...