Monday, June 21, 2010

Foxy Lady

Evita Press Conference


  1. Young innocent mother. sigh...

  2. It's hard for me to say this but, this is the last time Madonna looked her best.

    1997 was the last time she actually looked pretty. Everything after 1997 has been a disaster. Madonna's sexy look slowly disappeared right after she gave birth to Lola, starting Kabalha and doing yoga.

    Her face looks so full and natural in the picture above. Now all I see are un-natural cheeks and a hollow jaw line and nasty muscular arms...WTF?

    Does this woman not own a mirror? She needs a new stylist and needs to gain about 15 pounds to make her look decent.

    I know she his almost 52, and nature does take it course...and we all have to go through it, but that does not excuse the way she looks now. She is a millionaire and I am sure she can afford to do something OTHER than what she is doing to make herself look less skeletal. Maybe M should start watching TV so she can see the reports on her looks.

    This is not a negative post btw...just a concerned fan. I understand it is 2010 and not 1990...but still, I find it hard to look at her. I hope she reads this.

    Anyone agree?

    bye bye baby

  3. Yeah, BMC, I bet she'll read this. I'm sure Madonna goes around reading half-intelligible comments on blogs. She'll get back to you any day now!

  4. Kabalah destroyed Madge's career. She should stay away from that SHIT.

  5. LOL @ dot dot dot... What destroyed your fat ass is being so fat and vile. God I missed picking on your fat chupacabra ass LOL.