Monday, June 21, 2010

Mayumi Nishimura - Madonna's Personal Chef - Has Released a Macrobiotic Cookbook - "Mayumi's Kitchen".

Health-conscious Madonna fans, here's a treat for you! Mayumi Nishimura was Madonna's personal chef from 2001-2008. She studied macrobiotics under Michio Kushi, the leading authority in the field, at the Kushi Institute. Four books under her belt in Japanese, Mayumi's Kitchen is her first cookbook in English.

As a runner, cyclist and a try-hard (we all know how hard it can be) clean eater who dabbles in cooking, I was very pleased when publicist Jennifer Novak contacted and sent me this book. In Los Angeles, we have a great macrobiotic restaurant on La Brea Avenue called Inaka. As clean and delicious as it is, actually cooking macrobiotic meals at home always seemed intimidating. However, this book makes it easy with Mayumi's easy to follow instructions! Plus, Mayumi's own twist on macrobiotic cooking, which she coined Petit Macro, sets this book apart from other macrobiotic cookbooks and makes it a little more special.

While traveling with Madonna on four world tours, Mayumi would scour hotel kitchens for ingredients keeping with her classic macrobiotic training, but - borne out of necessity - she also became more versatile drawing inspiration from Italian, French, Californian and Mexican cuisines as much as from the more traditional Japanese and Chinese.

In this book, with over 130 recipes, Mayumi breaks down the basic ingredients and cooking equipment, presents a vast array of delicious dishes and includes a 10-day detox to get you started.

Check it out.


  1. I've always been fascinated by macrobiotic cooking, but as you said, also intimidated! Definitely seems worth a look. :-)

  2. Yuck! This is NOT healthy. People who eat this shit are really crazy.

  3. dot dot dot, if that were true - youd be eating it day in and day out.

  4. Don't be stupid, irony doesn't suit you. Leave that to experts.
    Be careful. There are many people with eating disorders and these messages are just wrong. The problems is that you believe that if Maddie does it, it means it's good. You're blind that way. I bet you're a Kabbalah follower too. LOL. Put that woman down that silly pedestal you built. Stop living vicariously through her and you'll be much happier. I mean, don't you have a life or your life is this woman?

  5. a macrobiotic cookbook is the wrong message? haha! dot dot dot - youre living vicariously through me. daily. i trip your head up. xo

  6. C'mon Pud, why are you surprised by dot dot dot's post? Embrace that fat thing (whatever "it" is LOL). It's (...) idea of healthy is a bucket of fried lard with some fried chicken on top of mash potatoes with a side of fries LOL. It does not know any better, so let it be happy in it's fat-ness LOL. It has never seen a gym and it likes it that way. P.S. dot dot dot have u called Jenny yet?

  7. dot dot dot is probably fat himself