Saturday, July 3, 2010

Breathless Madonna

Head over to Breathless Madonna and download this rare interview of Madonna with Jane Pauley in full! All 43 minutes of it.

Today interview with Jane Pauley (Unedited)
Chicago, IL

click HERE - Breathless Madonna.


  1. Thanks, Pud! I used to have this from itunes, but it somehow got deleted and it is no longer on itunes. I went to the link and it said I had to register, then I got this:

    "Your registration has been successful. The administrator wishes to preview all new registered accounts before posting permissions are granted. The administrator has been notified of your registration."

    Can't wait to be approved so I can DL it!

  2. This interview is THE DOG'S BOLLOCKS! It is awesome!!!

    I mean - what we saw on NBC Today in 1987 was like the tiniest crappiest bit of what Madonna and Jane Pauley talked about - and NOW, you can watch their entire 45 minute unedited conversation. It's fantastic!

    I love when Madonna talks about Niacaragua and being interested in that - and then it's as if someone there gets her to say no more. What was all that about????

    BTW - Breathless Madonna forum is also the Dog's Bollocks! It rules! Get on there quick!!!! :-)

  3. With me, I get an error :(

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