Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Get Together

Air Date: Saturday November 12, 2005


  1. My favourite song of the last decade. Incredible!

  2. Yeah my favourite song off COADF!

    I was lucky enough to be at this performance - front row no less, with a great bunch of fellow fans.

    That experience remains one of the best I've had as a fan! It was mega-exciting seeing Madonna make a TV special from so close, not to mention being at the legendary "London Studios" at the Thames and watching British TV royalty (Michael Parkinson) at work!

    Crouched behind Madonna through the interview was someone holding giant cue cards for Michael - with things like "SEX BOOK" written on them. It was so funny!

    My other favourite memory of the night was before Madonna came on, for about 20 minutes the in-house live band (like a jazz band you get at talk shows) played a set of Madonna songs! When "Cherish" came on it was so funny!

    Also when we were waiting outside in a queue to get into the studios, Madonna was in her dressing room getting her makeup done and they had no curtains on the window. It was dark outside and her room was lit up of course so we were stood for ages watching her get her makeup done and her hair. It was hillarious!

    Thanks for posting Pudley!

  3. thats so cool jamesy!!! on every level. xo

  4. I love the picture you posted too. That should be made into a poster. Lighting is on point!