Friday, July 9, 2010

Give It 2 Me



  1. Gawd I love this song! It was an instant classic and should have been on, 'Celebration' in place of, 'Miles Away'. I also like the simple video. She looks amazing, of course.

  2. I really like this video, some of the editing is a bit manic, but visually, it's quite funky!

  3. What's that "fabulous"? Explain it to me, please.

  4. This was a very lazy video by Madonna. I can't belive she lost her touch in the art of making music videos. Her videos in the 2000's were horrible. The only good video's were:

    Don't Tell Me
    Die Another Day
    Hung Up
    and....that's it!

    What happen to creating videos like:

    Open Your Heart
    Express Yourself
    Oh father
    Human Nature
    Bedtime Story
    Take a Bow
    Bad Girl
    Deeper & Deeper

    I wish Madonna would put a little more effort in her work b/c her fans keep getting disapointed and i guess we have no choice but to accept it.

  5. I guess after making them for nearly 30 years she feels like she's done it all. Trying to break new ground in a near-defunct artform such as the video is no longer a priority for M I guess.

  6. "Music" and "WIFLFAG" are terrible videos. Blah.

  7. @BMC We don't have to accept crappy videos from Madonna when Gaga is serving us videos like Telephone, Bad Romance, and Alejandro. Even if they do say it's recycled Madonna.

  8. @angellovef

    I agree...even though I think GAGA is physically gross and hard to look at...her videos do give me that feeling Madonna's videos use to back in the day. They are exciting and Madonna’s video's look like they are recession budget specials that new and up and coming artist usually make.

    ANYONE want to see Madonna do some hot choreography?

    ps: I forgot to mention that her worst video of the 2000's was JUMP! Like wtf? She was on tour and had all that amazing choreography to throw into the video and she also had her dancers to use in it but didnt.

    Pps: Get Together was another amazing song…but that video failed as well. I’m sure it would have done better on the charts with a hotter video….. 


    Anyone wish she would have released Beat Goes On? She could have use the concert footage and I bet ya it would have went to number one! What a waste of a potential single. Anyone know why she did not release it?

  9. @angelover

    Gaga isn't serving us anything, her directors and cinematographers are. Her videos from, 'The Fame Monster' have been beautiful, but Gaga didn't make the videos. She could and should easily be replaced by someone with star quality.

    And Madonna is in her 28th year as a signed entertainer. She doesn't need to make videos like that. She already made these type of videos 20 years ago. We can't compare a singer who has been out 1.5 years to someone who has been out for 28yrs.

  10. Oh and, 'Jump' was a great video. She looked amazing and the colors in the video are beautiful.

    I'd rather watch that video a million times then watch, 'Music' or 'WIFLFAG' even once.

  11. Me encantó esta canción y video

  12. Jump disappointed me as a video. i think the outdoor shots of the dancers roaming the streets was great and had a certain quality, but the shots of her looked so cheap. altogether a lazy video, creatively.

    it's not enough that she looks pretty.

  13. Exactly. The studio she was shooting in looked amazing. Loved all the bright and vivid, overblown japanese props.

    It was great.

    the only part of the video that was boring was the outside shots not on madonna, but those boing jumpers.

  14. Madonna looks like the talentless grandma otalented Gaga.

  15. Its ironic but there used to be an experimental video for "Jump" by Pulse on Youtube which featured a drag queen who mimics some of Madonnas poses from the "Hung up" video. Its ironic because the vidseo is no longer on youtube but it was one of the best videos i have ever seen and would have loved it if the drag queen was replaced by Madonna for an official video, not to mention the DQ did an amazing job too. You can find the video if you google "Jump Madonna Pulse" it was very well constructed and WAY better than the original claustrophobic video of Madonna performing acrobatics in a blong wig.

  16. Hmmm, its hard to find even on google so here is a link, you guys tell me which is better?

  17. I loved her look in the vid (especially with that outfit with the stripes), but the video overall is incredibly uninspired and lazy.

    Sad...since it's such a great track. Sigh...

  18. did any of you guys recognize that M puts lots of her appreciation of art & creativity in her shows? and when it comes to live shows everybody eats her dust!

    all the backdrops are great & inspiring!

    just to mention few:

    DWT - paradise (not for me)
    RIT - the beast within, vogue, bedtime story
    CT - future lovers, get together, Sorry RMX,
    S&ST - get stupid

    since the rec.companies provide the money it's not a certainty they pay you expansive videos!

    Since M did not have any US No.1 hits in the recent past...

  19. @Gokhan: umm, I think mentioning Madonna's Sticky and Sweet tour as an example of how much "art" and "creativity" she puts into her shows is a bad example, as it was hands-down her least imaginative show, not to mention "Get Stupid" was just a rehash of the "Sorry" remix interlude she had on her Confessions tour.