Thursday, July 1, 2010

Helen Reddy Is a Woman that Can't Find a Brassiere and Blames Madonna!

These glorious pasties have ruined Helen Reddy's life.

As I've said a million times, All Roads Lead to Madonna - and as we can see by singer Helen Reddy's recent shopping trip - this even includes a trip down the underwear aisle. I wrote a piece about Madonna and The Merry Widow HERE. Anyway, poor Helen couldn't find a bra and blames Madonna. This is Liz Rosenberg's classic response according to the New York Post:

"Why should Madonna be blamed for Helen Reddy not being able to find a good-fitting bra? . . . I know plenty of whores who wear sports bras instead of bustiers. Don't judge a book, Helen."

She is Woman, What a Bore.

Here is some of Helen's unfortunate story: "I was in London earlier this year, and I had to get some new bras -- because [mine] were falling off me," Reddy, 68, tells host Janet Powers. At a department store, "I go into the women's lingerie department, and they've got pasties -- you know, like strippers wear," Reddy says.

"They've got all these little fancy things, which all have wires -- which I believe cause breast cancer -- but nothing that's for women who are older, or who are heavier, or who would like to dress like a lady.

"So I finally said to the salesgirl, 'Do you have any underwear that isn't slutty?' -- and she pointed me to the sports department!"

"When I was a girl, we used to complain we were divided into two groups: We were either virgins or we were whores," she says. "And then along came Madonna -- and now we're all whores.

Click HERE for the entire New York Post story.

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  1. I'm always amazed at how people can't tell the difference between LOOKING like a whore and BEHAVING like one. Narrow mindedness is a pityful disease.