Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Smile


  1. I love this picture!

    I remember buying the copy of YM magazine from January 1993 with Madonna on the cover (a close up of her face from the Steven Misele shot where she is wearing that stocking & the bedazzled jewels over boobies) and seeing this picture on the inside. This was one of my favorite pictures at the time. She looked so down to earth and sweet.

    I was always trying to figure out what era it was from because her hand was covering her hair. I remember thinking why would they use a True Blue ear pic in 1993?

    The magazine had a 20 Questions interview with her and I will never forget when they asked her a question regarding men and dating.

    She said: "Don't beat around the bush, or he will beat around yours!" LOL

    Check out the cover here:

    ps: Her face looked so beautiful, full and healthy..oh those were the days.

  2. Wow She looks hot, young and fresh. Stunning!

  3. that sexy smile!!