Tuesday, July 6, 2010


If they're yours, I don't want anymore


  1. dot dot dot ... FAT

  2. Ddot dot dot - LOL no shit sherlock. But at least my life is worth something, you are polluting this world, living in your cage eating shit and spanking that 2 inch pussy dick hybrid LOL. P.S. Did you call Jenny yet? If not you should as I doubt it's healthy being a fat pile of shit like you LOL.

  3. How can you be so vulgar? It must be your Mexican roots. I guess it must be hard to get a good education when your immigrant mom cleans toilets for the upper class. Sad, sad, sad.
    When I think of you, "West side story" comes to my mind.

  4. Sorry dot dot dot but I have never seen "West Side Story" as I am not a musicals fan. My mom has never cleaned a toilet as we have always had hired help. What's sad is how deeply disturbed you are LOL. How does it feel to have absolutely nothing to live for except for this Madonna fan site LOL?

    P.S. have you called Jenny yet? You fat piece of shit LOL. Your mom and dad must be so proud of giving birth to such a worthless piece of shit LOL.