Saturday, August 7, 2010



  1. one of her best tours, easily. the more self-indulgent the better. she creates best when she seeks to serves herself foremost, over the masses.

  2. This was my first Madonna show.

    What a HUGE disappointment. Dark, self-indulgent to the 100th degree, and a horrid tracklisting.

    Creatively speaking, it was quite an achievement.

    As a concert experience, it was a dreadful nightmare.

    Thank God for Re-Invention, it brought me back as a fan.

  3. this sneer kinda sums up the drowned era... alot of self-loathing, the uglier the better, roadkill geishas & punkrock posturing... no more like a virgin, fuck off motherfuckers

  4. I must say, Drowned World is my least favorite tour of hers. I never watch the DVD or listen to any of the live recordings, like I do with all of her other shows. She was pretty distant in this show, and it didn't get fun at all until La Isla Bonita and Holiday.

  5. Definitely my top 3 Madonna tours... I loved everything about it. She was strong, creative, fearless and unapologetic. She did exactly what felt right at that moment in time and did not give a fuck about anyone's opinion. I loved the fact that she performed new stuff, I have seen her so many times before this tour and even though I love the hits and well known songs I loved even more the idea of seeing most of these songs for the very first time. From the opening number of Drowned World/Substitute for Love to Impressive Instant and Beautiful Stranger, to Paradise, Nobody's Perfect and an electrifying performance of Sky Fits Heaven, to Don't Tell ME and Gone... all these songs are to this day my fave from M's catalog and I was lucky enough to see them twice on the opening and final nights at MSG from the first 10 rows. She was incredible.

  6. im with skl on this one. great tour. xo

  7. Terrible tour. Dark and depressing. Exactly what a pop show should NOT be. This was the first time I saw Madonna live. Saw the show 3 times live in Los Angeles.

    Of course I enjoyed myself while I was at the show, but watching the DVD is painful.

    There is no ebbing and no flowing, not to mention how awful she looked on the DVD.

    At least in LA she did her hair and had a tan and a coll ass outfit on.

    Why they didn't tape one of those shows is beyond me.

  8. @Tony: I agree. she looked a hell of a lot better for the L.A. shows than she did for the Detroit show (not to mention her top was a hell of a lot better too---the Detroit top for DW/SFL is so boring).

    Her hair was very Debbie Harry-ish for the L.A. and Vegas shows and complimented her so much better.

    This shot I believe is from one of the NYC shows. This specific top was only worn during the NYC leg to the best of my knowledge. Her hair on the other hand was the styke used for the *first* Detroit show, which was a "test" taping and was going to possibly be used for the broadcast, but something happened during that taping, and they ended up going with the second Detroit show, and that horrendous man-ish haircut she had going on.

  9. yes, i am sure id enjoy watching the show a lot more had she looked better. i mean the hair and make up and that outfit. all just went completely what we knew from madonna. it was terrible. that hair especially!

    for the LA shows she was really tan because she was off to shoot swept away after the LA dates. she looked amazing and loved seeing her in the US flag kilt after 9-11.

  10. She looks over the top...there is nothing spontaneous in her look...or in the tour.