Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"living for madonna's immaculate collection via projector.,ugh so major" - Marc Jacobs Twitter Twat

Well, of course - look at her! Fantastique.


  1. Wasn't Marc Jacobs the jew fag who said she invited herlself to his fashion show some months ago? OMG, how jaded and false these people are. LOL

  2. Uh, hello! Marc Jacobs invited Madonna to be the face of Luis Vuitton back in 2009, they've been great friends for ages, dining out, partying, etc. Get some education you twat.

  3. Dot dot dot (...) is just jealous because no one ever invites "it" anywhere LOL. He/she hasn't been out of "it's" cage in decades. Jerk that chicken fat ass LOL.

    P.S. Your mom is ashamed of giving birth to your worthless ass LOL.