Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Madonna Directs - Miu Miu Fall Winter 2010-2011 Ad Campaign


Madonna is the secret director of Miu Miu's a/w 2010 campaign film.

The campaign film for Miu Miu's autumn/winter 2010 collection has been doing the rounds for a couple of months now and we fell for it as soon as we saw it. It stars models Lindsey Wixson, Siri Tollerød, Ginta Lapina, and Daphne Groeneveld, all decked out in the lust-have embellished dresses that have caused such a stir paired with kitten heels, patent bags and matching eye shadow.

The girls laugh, play and throw shapes to some bass-heavy dance music backed by strobe lights. And it's just emerged where they got their moves from - Madonna was on set giving them tips.

Apparently Madonna rocked up onto the set of the Miu Miu campaign shoot to meet photographers Mert Atlas and Marcus Pigott and take them for dinner. But she got distracted and ended up directing the video instead.

Ginta Lapina told Love magazine, 'We were supposed to shoot a video, so Madonna said she wanted to direct it. They said she could do it but they weren't going to pay her and she started laughing. She put on her iPod and taught us moves and we shot the video for two hours.'


  1. geez, how old are those girls? 11?

  2. any younger theyll be chucking fetus' down the catwalk, pats!

  3. The girl in the still (the one at the top) looks a little bit like Madonna. Personally, I'm a bit surprised by all the fashion stuff she's involved in at the moment. Didn't she say on Oprah a few years ago that she'd had enough of people dressing like her and that fashion was a load of nonsense?

  4. Oh! I wonder if Boy George knows yet that this was directed by Madonna.

    Her directing a video with music by him - interesting!

  5. Scary, unsexy women. Why is it that so much women have sparse hair today? Even the young ones, they have so little hair.
    This Madonna-directed thing will sink Miu Miu profits this season. She brings bad luck!

  6. i love george and this song (check out the timewriter mix if you're into your 90s deep house). i sense a revival lately, with this campaign and his mark ronson collab. M mentioned to Q magazine in the early 90s that she liked his album 'the martyr mantras' that this track's lifted from. it's mostly dated now but it's a fine piece of work.

  7. You know what bad luck is? Giving birth to that fat pile of shit called dot dot dot (...) LOL. Your mom hates herself for giving the world a monstrosity that is you LOL. Damn I love picking on you LOL. P.S. have you devoured an animal today?

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