Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When No One's Around and I have You Here


  1. I always loved that pic from the Sex book. Very Oh Father via This Used to Be My Playground!

  2. @Glasgowboy

    Good call!

    I thought she look so beautiful in this pic! Wish she went this direction instead of the slutty, trasy image she went for.

    The SEX book wasn't even that sexy....oh well. I'm sure Lordes will do better. I wonder what she thinks.

  3. I loooooooved this shot. I remember this was in the 1993 calendar.

  4. @Glasgowboy: I think this shot was one of the stills taken from the video for TUTBMP.

  5. Really?

    It looks so much like this part of the TUTBMP video:


    I have my Sex book stored back at my mom's place, but I am guessing this is one of the shots where she talks about sticking her finger inside her pussy and she feels like a little girl, or baby, or something like that? I forget her "brilliant" text that accompanies the shot. ;-)

  6. Thx PudWhacker. :-)

    Odd, my prior comment disappeared.

    I noticed that the shadow lines on her are different than the ones in the video for TUTBMP, but I thought this was a still shot from the following segment of the video

    (watch 00:55-01:09)

    Watching the vid again reminds me of how insanely boring the song and video area.