Friday, September 10, 2010

Emmy and the Emmys - Bells Ringing

Bells Ringing is a song that was featured on Madonna's studio demo tape with her band, Emmy and the Emmys from 1980. Bells Ringing is seriously in my top 5 all-time favorite Madonna songs. I love her voice, the lyrics, the song, everything.

Emmy and the Emmys was Madonna on lead vocal and guitar, Stephen Bray on drums, Gary Burke on bass and Mike Monahan on guitar.

Without ado, here's Bells Ringing. Enjoy!


  1. just out of curiosity, what are the other four songs in your top five?

  2. This is a great song. Is it included on any of the Pre-Madonna albums? I never bought any of those.

    Guess my Top 5 favorite songs are:

    Like a Prayer
    Burning Up
    Crazy For You
    Into the Groove
    Causing a Commotion (Movie Houe Mix)
    Ray of Light

    Oh wait. That's six.
    And Nothing Fails

    That's seven....
    And Supernatural

    Now that's eight. Never mind. I don't think I can limit it to 5...