Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In Bed With Madonna


  1. Good times, crap title. Even though Truth or Dare the game wasn't known in Europe it's still a great title for a movie.

  2. think ive seen this 15 times over now. i was 12 or 13 and would rent it out everytime my mum took my brother and i to the local video store. thanks for the sex ed, madonna.

  3. Oh how I love this movie. Madonna beiong Madonna. Before 'belief systems' or any outside influence. This is pure Madonna at her core.

    I remember this coming out in 1991. I was living in a small town in Ukiah, CA, going to a private school. I was 12/13 and they wouldn't let me go.

    I would always walk by that theatre and just gaze at the movie poster.

    Good memories.

    How I would love them to release this in Blu-Ray!

  4. Oh, Pud,do you remember me getting those tickets to that screening of this a few years back and I couldnt go so I gave you the tickets? Another good memory and from what I recall, you had a great time! xoxo

  5. That's a good poster ha! Think I would have preferred if the film was called truth or dare worldwide, but it looks so good written above her like that :0)