Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Madonna Does Manhattan

* Sept. 2: A few hours after Madonna arrived, her four children, Rocco, Lourdes, Mercy and David, landed at JFK and were also greeted by the paparazzi. Like their mom, they were whisked through the airport to a waiting SUV. Within a day, workers were hurrying to renovate the pop star’s new $40 million, 36-room townhouse on the Upper East Side. Then things got weird.

* Sept. 7: Just six days into her stay, Madonna was riding the F train from 57th Street to the Broadway/Lafayette stop in SoHo. Despite the 85-degree heat, the singer wore a scarf, hat and sunglasses to hide her identity. Even so, she was recognized by a photographer.

“I don’t mind you taking my picture, but please be discreet,” she told the shutterbug.

Full NY Post article here


  1. i love the third comment in the actual article:

    "Send this stinky ho back to England or where ever she lives now. She was a poor excuse for a singer back when and still is. Maybe she should put out another book like she did in the before so her kids could be so proud of her. No one cares about you anymore so go away and live a quite life."

    i wonder if this person hears him/herself talk in real life.

  2. I am sure that whoever wrote that think Lady Gaga is original or entertaining. :)