Monday, September 6, 2010

New Madonna in Vanity Fair - Los Angeles 1984

Fantastique! From the new Herb Ritts book, The Golden Hour.


Wearing the famous '85 Susan poster earring - for those who go way back. xo


  1. Was this an unreleased pic? I Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pud, is this US or UK Vanity Fair?? Can you let me know for sure, please?? I so need this clipping! ♥

  3. OMG ! I need that magazine !
    Thanks !

  4. This pic is going to be in the new photo book that is soon to be released. I think she has a pair of boxers on her head! LOL.

  5. wow! legendary pic!!

  6. The pic on Madonnatribe has airbrushed out the mole!!! Scandalous! I hope that version's not in the book!

  7. She was amazing,then and now
    I love that she always did what she wanted to,without counitg on any's opinion
    i see that so many girks a still conservative,like their grandma's
    That' really a pitty.
    She will stay not only in the Pop-history but in the history of women's selfexploring