Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bill O'Reilly: Whoopie and Joy walk off The View

Forget Whoopie and Joy walking off over the muslim shyt...They should have bytch slapped Bill O'Reilly when he tried to let Madonna have it while promoting his new book, Pinheads and Patriots. After Joy and Whoopie returned, Bill goes on about his book and touches on Madonna, her Detroit roots and the tired, over used public opinion on her British accent and labels her a Pinhead because of it. On and on and on the sheep go. Then he blubbers on about Marilyn Monroe being a Patriot.

Love Barbara Walters sliding in her dry, "that's your description of a patriot? Haha! Nothing against our gorgeous Marilyn, of course.

Let us not forget Bill O'Nothing's constant admiration for Madonna while anchoring Inside Edition in the early 90's. Oh, uh huh, right.


  1. Well everythng he said about Marilyn Monroe is spot on, it's the truth. I don't know if Marilyn was a patriot, but she was definetely a humanist, and a person of the highest quality in every way. I remember the goverment threated her with ruining her career if she didn't make Arthur Miller, her husband at the time, name names while he was being accused of communism, and she stood by her husband. I've read a lot about her and she trully is an inspiration, mainly because she was a NOBLE human being, and she never hurt anyone. I love her so much.

    I have inmense LOATHING for the View women, they are the most stupid, ignorant, bitter and vitriolic people on the media. They are disgusting. This is the downside of freedom of speech, you get stupid people having a platform to say stupid things, and they are usually the loudest too, the stupid people.

    They got rid of Star Jones, I think the only one said smart things, and Rosie O'Donnell, wich was shocking to me because she's just as stupid and hateful as the rest of them.

    Anyway, I'm not defending Bill O'Reilly, I'm talking of The View as a whole, so annoying.

  2. Love the view! Watch it daily.

    And last i heard, Madonna was married to a brit for 10 years and lived in london for many years. anyone who lives around that will pick up a slight accent.

    so funny that people honestly believe that madonna makes it up and does it on purpose lololol.

  3. if you live in the nothern states here in the USA (and us southerners call northerners "yankees") and make a trip down south (or even move down south), you're are most definitely bound to pick up some of the colloquialism and slangs. and when you say "reckon," "y'all," and "bless your heart," then yes, it can be said on an unconscious level.

  4. Any reason is good to mention Madonna anywhere, he's a fuckin pathetic loser.

  5. If that's the worst he can use to have a pop at her, she'd doing pretty well in my book! Why are people targeting her like this?