Monday, October 11, 2010

Can't take It

The eyebrows alone! That face! Madonna!
Possible Part 2 of Interview Magazine pic.

Update: FAKE - sucks a big one!!!


  1. The eyebrows remind to Lolas eyebrows LOL !

    Never seen this pic,thanks Pud !

  2. I have never seen this pic before and I thought I had seen everything.

  3. It's a fake picture, bad one at that! Made from the shot of her and Sean during the Interview session, she's wearing a Harley Davidson shirt and laying in Sean's lap. Whoever made the fake picture just flipped her head around and added way too much hair. The actual Interview cover art was made from the same session shot where Madonna has a white towel around her neck.

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  5. Does anyone have the rest of the magazine scans that interview? I'd love to read it lol.