Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dead or Alive - Pete Burns - "Why's It So Hard" Live

In 1999, a Madonna tribute album was released called Virgin Voices. There were 14 covers. Of those, my favorites were: Boy George, James Hardway and Amanda Ghost's cover of Bad Girl, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black's Burning Up, and Dead or Alive's cover of Why's It So Hard from Erotica.

Here's the incomparable and brilliant Pete Burns performing that version live at London Astoria in 1998.


  1. "Incomparable and brilliant Pete Burns?" Once upon time, for sure - the 90's and early 90's were good to him. Dead or Alive is one of those bands you never forget and always have love for. My childhood would not have been the same without them. I don't know what happened to Pete Burns but it wasn't pretty!

  2. He looks like he fell out of Madonna's Frozen video. A very disturbed guy but a good choice of song. I never much cared for the Virgin Voices album but (dare I say it) the Boy George/Amanda Ghost version of Bad Girl is better than the original. It shows off what a great song it is and the limits of the Shep Pettibone production Madonna used. I think that about a lot of the songs on Erotica - great songs, poor production.

  3. 'Erotica' is my second favorite Madonna album. The production is brilliant for what it was, early 90's house. 'Bad Girl', though, is one of my least favorite songs on the album. The video is great, but never cared for the song much.