Sunday, October 10, 2010


If you don't think this is a great video - you are NOT a fan. Lucky Star 2006. I'll never forget the day it was released and a certain someone I woke up. Never wake this someone.

I was in the gym and everyone stopped when this was played. End.


  1. Well, when I saw it, I hoped she had cut her hair like that :)

  2. Aw my darling gorgeous lovable Pud!

    I think this video is among the worst I have ever seen by ANYONE. I hate it. It's no good. She needs a good slap for this.

    But what you say above has made me think - because I reckon you do have a point and I have to accept I'm NOT a fan these days.

    I like things here and there that she's done from the last few years - but I think it's safe to say that if I just stumbled accross this video (or much else from Madonna in the last 5+ years) and I'd never heard of her before - I'd be mildly interested - but nothing more than that - and I certainly wouldn't be mesmerised by her and get hooked on her like I did when I stumbled accross her in 1986.

    REGARDLESS - I still love you and your blog more than anything! :-) :-) :-) :-)

  3. I like this song but thought the video was odd. For me personally the MUSIC album was pretty much the end of the road. I didn't realize it until I was watching the Celebration collection. The videos after What It Feels Like For a Girl didn't interest me much. She's had a song here and there that I liked, but for the most part the MUSIC album was a dividing point in her career. I'm definately not the fan I use to be. I guess today I'm more of a nostalgic fan.

    BTW... who'd you wakeup? Is that an inside joke?

  4. YES YES YES! I LOOOOVE the video! So graphic and funky, and I LOVE the song, one of the bestest since the 80s! Some real Madonna shit!

  5. I too was very disappointed with this video( and most of her videos in the 2000's). She just came off her Confessions Tour and had sooooo many dance moves that she could of incorporated in this video with her dancers. Even if there were some scenes where she is running with those guys in the streets and had a body double to her jumps would have made tis video much better. The whole routine she does in that confined cluster-phobic space is ridiculous. The city scenes are what makes this video Madonna's silly manly monkey dancing or that wig.

    She should have just released the concert footage of the Jump performance least there would have been more energy and excitement than this uninspired lazy effort.

    It's kinda like the Celebration video....another lazy, boring video...with another silly wig.

    What happen to videos like:

    Papa Preach?
    Express Yourself?
    Oh Father?
    Bad Girl?
    Human Nature?
    Take a Bow?
    You'll See?

  6. I felt that the she needed to be in the outdoor scenes. I do miss the quality videos that Madonna used to make and be a pioneer at. We need to get that girl back quick!

  7. Everyone felt, everyone felt...So tiresome to hear these Madonna former-fans trying to justify their distaste for an entire decade of her public career. Now let me share the truth with you: YOU ARE ALL GETTING OLD AND YOU DON"T LIKE YOURSELVES. THAT IS WHY YOU DON"T "GET" Madonna in the 2000s. Sorry. I'm sure you'll have a knee-jerk brain fart over this truth, but it's best you realize it sooner rather than later.

  8. All this time, all the cheesy Madonna scrapbooks and $ spent, and now it turns out I am a bad fan! Prefect song, lame video. Maybe if there'd been a better wig that actually worked on her face...

  9. The above post may be right about "GETTING OLD" but the point would probably be better made that the fans of the '80s and '90s were not her target market in the '00s. I would bet money that most fans who prefer her current work are less impressed with her earler work. Then of course there's Pud, who is a fan of her entire, er, body of work! (Thank you Pud!)

  10. This video is great for what it is. She looks amazing and current, the japanese sets are fantastic. The colors are glorious. I can sit and watch this video ANYDAY over crap like the video for, 'Ray of Light'.

    Never could see what people who disliked this video were watching. It's great!

  11. I guess im not a fan then...This has to be one of her worst videos ever,just awful !

    @ Alexander Christ,we are not getting old,its called having and opinion and not being a blind fan. Being a fan doesnt mean you have to like everything she does.

  12. You guys are blind.

    Whats awful about it? She looks amazing. The wig looks natural, will & grace looked like a wig, this looks fine. The sets are so bright and colorful and she was on tour when she shot this video. She used her 'jumpers' in the song 'jump'.

    id watch this video on a loop for 24hrs before id want to watch the horrid, 'ray of light' video even once.

  13. i'm actually a fan of this video, although i really don't like the videos for "sorry" or "get together." i love that she's referencing mello from "death note" with this look.

  14. 'Sorry' was pure, classic Madonna. Loved it. 'Get Together' on the other hand... What a wasted shame. Her, 'Holiday' of today and it didn't get a proper video. *sad*

  15. i don't know, i've tried to like "sorry," and i can't. i feel the same way about "frozen." i think jamie king should stick to stage directing and choreography! ;)

    by the way, if you haven't google imaged mello from "death note," do it now.

  16. I love the esthetics of Jump and Hung Up, very comtemporary, street, lo-fi, graphic... just love that look! Liked Sorry and how it's the continuation of Hung Up, and how she got the van revamped by "Pimp My Car"... 100% good Madonna!

    Hate Ray of Light, or Beautiful Stranger stuff... blah...

  17. love the gym comment, pud. lol.